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Prince Harry Joked About American Dream In Hot Dog-Shaped Car – Oscar Mayer Tweets Hilarious Response!


Prince Harry Joked About American Dream In Hot Dog-Shaped Car - Oscar Mayer Tweets Hilarious Response!Prince Harry has recently felt challenged by the ongoing negative headlines directed at both the Duke of Sussex and his wife, Meghan Markle. As a result, royal family followers have come to expect solemn statements from Harry. But the Duke of Sussex surprised those watchers with a humorous speech recently. 

Find out Prince Harry’s charming joke about the American Dream below. Plus: Discover how hot dog company Oscar Mayer seized the day by tweeting a hilarious response! 

Prince Harry Redefines American Dream With Oscar Mayer’s Help

The Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex recently attended a New York gala. During the event, Prince Harry came up with a unique definition of the American dream, reported the Evening Standard.

The 2021 Salute to Freedom gala took place on the eve of Veterans Day in the United States and Armistice Day in the United Kingdom. With Meghan Markle by his side, Harry honored the “value” of service members. The Duke of Sussex looked dapper in black tie adorned with his medals and the cross of the Knight Commander of Royal Victorian Order. And the Duchess of Sussex stunned in her red gown, joining her husband in sporting a red poppy. 

But perhaps the highlight of the gala for many concerned Harry’s humorous remark. In the wake of riding in an Oscar Mayer car shaped like a hot dog known as a Wienermobile, the Duke of Sussex declared that he enjoyed living the “American Dream!” And then Oscar Mayer, the famous hot dog company known for its hot dog shaped vehicle, put the final witty touches on that speech.

Turning to Twitter, the company wrote, “Here you go Prince Harry- we’re mailing the keys to you as we type.” Oscar Mayer even put the finishing touches on the tweet with a colorful photo of the hot-dog-shaped vehicle. One thousand Twitter followers expressed their love for the company’s clever tweet by marking it as a favorite. (Count us in!)

Prince Harry Honors Veterans At Gala

But the Duke of Sussex turned serious during a key element of the 2021 Salute to Freedom gala. During the award ceremony, Prince Harry honored five service members, veterans and military families with Intrepid Valor Awards. 

As a result of the award ceremony, the Duke of Sussex reflected on his own military experience. “I’ve lived in the US for close to two years now. I have to say, witnessing your support for all those that put themselves in harm’s way in defense of our freedoms and liberties – it’s remarkable and hugely respected,” stated Harry.

Observing the support provided the Duke of Sussex with a warm reminder “of the deep reverence us Brits have for our military as well,” added Harry. He pointed out that “the armed forces communities in both our countries share a special bond. And I’m grateful to have served in support of our joint allyship for many years.”

What do you think of Prince Harry’s comments about the American Dream? Do you applaud his humor? Share your views with us. And then check back on our site for all the royal family news.

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  1. Buster says

    Prince Harry is so ridiculous since he got married. I wish he’d take his kids and go back to England.

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