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Prince Harry Nazi Uniform Drama To Make It Into “The Crown” Series


Prince Harry Nazi Uniform Drama To Make It Into “The Crown” Series

Oops, he did it again! Prince Harry unwittingly gave Netflix more material to make a caricature out of him and his family, as if they needed anymore storylines to run. But yeah, how do you dramatize an already dramatic situation? I’m sure Netflix’s “The Crown” will find a way.

Prince Harry’s Old Shame To Be Revisited In A New Season of “The Crown”

You know how it made news when Prince Harry said that he watches “The Crown” and how he wishes they’ll stop before they get to his own time? Well, turns out his own time has a lot of drama the popular series desperately needs to tap into. I mean, it’s not everyday that a former senior member of the Royal Family writes a memoir and dishes juicy secrets of life in the monarchy.

However dramatic his account is, there’s actually one little story that kind of trumps it all, at least in Netflix’s case. Let’s remember when Harry came under heavy criticism for attending a party all decked out in a Nazi uniform, complete with a swastika symbol. Like what? Turns out, even though he was an adult at the time, Prince William and his then-girlfriend Kate Middleton were the reason he made such a lasting and shameful choice to attend a party in the uniform, or so he says.

At the time, the Palace issued an apology on his behalf for his thoughtless action, but now, he’s no longer looking back on that day as a humbling experience, he’s looking back just to point fingers.
Well, Netflix is spinning that tale, and I doubt it will do any credit to Harry. It’s not like the media wants to do so anyway.

Prince Harry Nazi Uniform Drama To Make It Into “The Crown” Series

Netflix To Exploit One of the Most Shameful Moments In Harry’s Life

You know the saying, let sleeping dogs lie?

Three months ago, Harry drew attention to one of the most disgraceful moments of his life during his and wife Meghan’s Netflix docuseries. Now, it’s set to make it into “The Crown’s” sixth season.

An insider said: “It is one of the most shameful incidents in Harry’s life and one that he finally addressed in December. Older generations will remember The Sun’s ‘Harry The Nazi’ story and photo but this past episode in Harry’s life may come as news to Netflix’s many younger viewers.”

The insider added: “In more recent times, Harry has made claims about racism in the UK and unconscious bias in the Royal Family on Netflix. It is kind of ironic that Netflix is the one to bring up this incident.”

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