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Prince Harry Seemed Lost and Angry Until Meghan Markle Made THIS Demand!


Prince Harry Seemed Lost and Angry Until Meghan Markle Made THIS Demand!Royal family experts once viewed Prince Harry as the lost member of “The Firm,” as the royal family is known. Seemingly unsure of what to do with his life, Harry didn’t know what his next steps should be. And then Meghan Markle changed his world forever. 

Find out what else Princess Diana’s biographer, Andrew Morton, has revealed about Prince Harry. And don’t miss the surprising bombshell that Morton just dropped about what Meghan Markle demanded he do!

Prince Harry ‘Didn’t Know Which Way To Turn,’ Claims Royal Biographer

Princess Diana’s biographer, Andrew Morton, recently offered new insights about Prince Harry per the Daily Mail. And Morton focused on Harry’s life before he met Meghan Markle.

Looking back at Harry’s early years, Morton believes the Duke of Sussex “didn’t know which way to turn.” But beyond feeling lost, Prince Harry also felt “very angry,” added the royal biographer.

In Harry’s young mind, he faced responsibility for “taking on the world.”  And that, according to Morton, resulted in some infamous behavior. 

Prince Harry’s ‘Angry’ Years: ‘Stumbling Out Of Bars Worse For Drink’

Prior to meeting Meghan Markle, Prince Harry spent several years struggling, Morton recalls. The Duke of Sussex “was taking on paparazzi photographers particularly.” As a result of his struggles, onlookers viewed Harry “stumbling out of bars dishevelled and worse the wear for drink,” added Morton. 

Princess Diana’s biographer believes that Prince Harry “didn’t know which way to turn.” As a result, the Duke of Sussex constantly sought different ways to “find himself.” 

But as Harry struggled with losing his mother, he also got into battles. For instance, the Duke of Sussex once scuffled with a photographer outside a nightclub in London. And the headlines didn’t always paint him in positive terms.

Prince Harry Seemed Lost and Angry Until Meghan Markle Made THIS Demand!

Meghan Markle Made THIS Demand Of Prince Harry!

But then Prince Harry’s life changed forever. When the Duke of Sussex met Meghan Markle, he began to find his bearings again, says Morton. However, the royal biographer also revealed that Meghan made one very important demand!

“I think even when she fell for Harry, she insisted that he went for counselling for the anger issues that he had,” stated Morton. And that counseling, believes Princess Diana’s royal biographer, made a dramatic difference. 

One other change occurred in the Duke of Sussex’s life, though. Prince Harry “found his cause in life” after leaving the British Army and helping to launch the Invictus Games. The Duke of Sussex had “cleaned up his act, he’d gotten involved in the Invictus Games, he had found his cause in life,” summed up Morton. 

And Prince Harry “stuck to that, helping disabled, mentally injured soldiers and servicewomen find themselves. I think that was something that helped him find himself,” noted Princess Diana’s biographer.  

Together with the counseling required by Meghan Markle, Prince Harry gradually became more sure of his way. And today, noted Morton, Harry appears impressively different than the “angry young man” who once enjoyed a wild Las Vegas weekend, complete with a photo of a naked girl!

What do you think of these insights from Princess Diana’s biographer? Do you believe that Meghan Markle forever changed Prince Harry’s life? Share your views with us. And then check back on our site for all the royal family news.

  1. Robyn says

    Meghan not only changed Harry’s life but tore his family apart.
    It’s really to bad what this woman did to the Royal Family. She has a ring in his nose and she controls him. Maybe some day Harry will wake JP and smell the coffee!
    Hopefully before his grandmother the Queen passes.

    1. Mary Garner says

      I feel Harry is a adult and made his own choice no one knows but god for sure

    2. Sally says

      So agree…how couls these two have done what they did….they should have been stripped of their titles

  2. Susan Jay says

    Don’t get me wrong, but if she is so poisonous why haven’t the royals done something, as they did with Diana. They have so much at there finger tips, to sort her out wouldn’t be a big issue.
    No titles no fame just a life of wealth and B status in La La Land . Just what they wanted….. wasn’t it?.

  3. Adeline Skokal says

    I think megan should Not mąkę him leave his homeland also does she know how much grandmother love their grandchildren and Greatgrand kids more than she loves the Ahole prince charles and his mistress or wife whatever she is Take the kids there to see the Queen before she dies

  4. Jill Lord says

    We have a Duke and Duchess of the U.K. living in the States.This is VERY wrong,Meghan should have been taught what being a Royal Duchess means.DUTY !

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