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Prince Harry’s Bid To Pay For Private Met Police Protection Slammed As “Nonsense”


Prince Harry's Bid To Pay For Private Met Police Protection Slammed As “Nonsense”

In what is sure to be a major blow for the ex-royal, the court has declined to proceed with Prince Harry’s bid to win the rights to pay for his private police protection. While he hasn’t yet commented on this latest development – rumors of another Netflix special is already swirling round the internet – some well-placed individuals have slammed him for wanting to buy a service that is dedicated to public safety.

In Harry’s defense, his legal team stated that his American bodyguards do not have enough intelligence to keep him and his family safe when he visits the UK. It was also hinted that if he cannot get said protection, he would not be bringing his family to visit the country anytime soon.

Met Police Says It’s “Unjust” To Grant Prince Harry’s Wishes

What Harry wants when he’s in the UK is round-the-clock police protection. He’s even generously offered to pay for it so that taxpayers will not be burdened. But I bet that Harry never considered that while the police is keeping him and his family safe – paycheck included – they’re no longer keeping everyone else safe. But that’s not the main issue, if Harry is allowed to pay for police protection, it might potentially open a can of worms.

The Met said in its statement: “To allow an individual to pay for protective security would create a precedent in which other wealthy individuals could argue that they too should be permitted to pay for such services.”

Prince Harry's Bid To Pay For Private Met Police Protection Slammed As “Nonsense”

Ravec assigns gun cops based on public interest, threats and risks to individuals, and amount of resources, not who can afford it or not.

During the hearing, the Met Police insisted that should they find out that there’s a real threat to him and his family when they visit, they will lend him armed police protection free of charge.

Even though the Met Police provided several reasons they turned down Harry’s offer for paid services, his lawyer Fatima Shaheed told the hearing that their reasons made no sense.

This caused some backlash, with Kevin Roberts of the Heritage Foundation accusing Harry of “spewing nonsense” in a chat with The Telegraph.

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