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Prince Harry’s “Privacy” Means His Family Members Can’t Have Theirs


Prince Harry’s “Privacy” Means His Family Members Can’t Have TheirsThe 37-year-old Duke of Sussex recently sat down for an interview with Hoda Kotb and shared details about his personal life. During the interview, he avoided giving a straight answer when the interviewer asked him if he misses his father and elder brother, who he previously claimed to love to bits. He also claimed that it was his desire to protect the Queen by making sure the right people surround the 96-year-old.

Prince Harry Refuses to Say Whether He Misses His Father and Brother

On Thursday last week, Prince Harry met with his father for ten minutes. During the meeting, they reportedly talked about mending the rift, with Prince Harry claiming he offered an “olive branch”.

The peace talks must not have gone the way he wanted, because the 37-year-old hasn’t ceased to snub his brother and father since the meeting. On the other hand, Prince William has perfectly made it clear that talking about his brother would always come second to his royal duties.

According to Dan Wootton, Harry has filled himself with many “Megxit conspiracies” that he’s starting to believe that William and Charles are no longer his family.

This is a sad reality indeed, seeing that just a few years back, he was wishing his family could be Meghan Markle’s family, since she hasn’t got any. Well, it’s starting to look like he hasn’t got any himself, well, except the Queen and his crazy fixation on his late mother Princess Diana.

Per a piece by Mr. Wootton, Harry’s deflection of the question regarding his father and brother may be as a result of the criticism he’s going to unleash about them in his upcoming memoir. For someone who cries that he deserves his privacy, he sure does not want his family to have the same luxury of privacy, at least not from him.

It’s starting to seem like whenever Harry doesn’t get what he wants, he runs to the U.S. media to tell his story and garner public sympathy.

Prince Harry’s “Privacy” Means His Family Members Can’t Have Theirs

He’s seeing it as a sort of vengeance against his family and it’s become a deeply fulfilling way to get back at his family. But if there’s one thing that the Will Smith Oscar’s slap taught me, it’s that the American media can break you for stepping out of line.

One begins to ask whether Harry can dance this dance for much longer, because, at least for now, the American media is hugely sympathetic towards him and wife Meghan Markle. He’s using it to his advantage, but it depends on how long he can lord his “Duke of Sussex” title over the heads of Americans and how far he’s willing to play for his own financial gain.

You’d think that a 37-year-old man, who left his family and has made his own family, will have the decency to stop gossiping about them every chance he gets. The public doesn’t want, and doesn’t need, to know when your brother calls or doesn’t call you and whether your talk on the phone was positive or not. Perhaps Harry has found a new job as the royal family gossip. If it pays him, it pays him.

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