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Prince William and Harry Fails To Communicate During King Charles’ Coronation


Prince William and Harry Fails To Communicate During King Charles' Coronation

King Charles’ coronation was one for the books, but as the family celebrated the beginning of a new era with a solemn service, curiosity couldn’t entirely be turned away from how the brothers would fare with their reunion at the Abbey.

The May 6 event marked the first time that William and Harry reunited since Harry’s bombshell memoir hit the shelves January this year, that is, if you could call it a reunion. The two princes didn’t say a word to each other and certainly weren’t caught on camera acknowledging each other. What does it mean for the brothers moving forward?

Harry Couldn’t Stop Looking At Prince William At Charles’ Coronation Ceremony

In the days leading up to the coronation, many royal commentators opined that the historic event would be the best place for the brothers to mend their rift. As we clearly saw on that day, it did not happen since the brothers didn’t get a chance to chat.

While William and his family sat at the front row of the Abbey, Harry, who attended the event solo, was relegated to the third row. There, even though he was obscured from view by the red feather on Princess Anne’s hat, he was captured staring at William several times.

Prince William and Harry Fails To Communicate During King Charles' Coronation

William, on the other hand, did not glance back at his brother, and as he played a key role during the ceremony, could be forgiven for concentrating on the job at hand rather than feeding speculations to the press.

However, body language expert Judi James believes that Harry gave his brother a “thunderous” look at one point, adding that it could be unintentionally done. “When we tell ourselves not to do something the brain only tends to hear the suggestion without processing the ‘don’t’ command, suggesting the more Harry was telling himself not to look across at his brother the more he couldn’t stop.”

Harry drove straight to the airport following the service, while William and his family participated in the long procession back to Buckingham Palace and appeared on the balcony with the rest of the working royals, including the two main players; King Charles and Queen Camilla.

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