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Prince William and Harry Kane Discuss Football Ahead Of Qatar 2022 World Cup


Prince William and Harry Kane Discuss Football Ahead Of Qatar 2022 World Cup

A very few days is the only thing standing between now and Qatar 2022. As Harry Kane and his team prepares to fly over to the Middle Eastern country, the England captain and some of Football’s biggest stars met and chatted with the President of Football Association, Prince William.

The players and Wills discussed the joy of football and maintaining a healthy balance in living life as in playing and supporting the sports.

Prince William And Harry Kane Discuss Football And Mental Health

Prince William, who has been president of the FA since 2006, recently chatted with English players Harry Kane and Declan Rice, and host Kelvyn Quagraine about the importance of talking about one’s mental health.

The meeting was shared on Monday, November 8, on YouTube, by the football body Copa90, and it saw Prince William talk about his experience with football growing up and named Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand as players that inspired him.

The special edition of “Game of Fives”, an online discussion show about fan culture, was importantly centered on the impact England’s games have on their supporters’ mental health.

During the chat, William also admitted feeling “disappointed” as an England fan whenever the country loses, but said that “disappointment is a part of life”.

“You learn by playing a number of times, and many other things in life, that disappointment is part of life,” he said.

“How you handle it is crucial. Handling some of those really disappointing England results in the past, that was hard. The same euphoria that we had good comes crashing down and whittles away.

“Suddenly normal life just gets back on again and it’s like, where did that all go? Was that real? How do I get that feeling back? Football has that ability to just put it all on a plate for you and then suddenly just take it all away and go until next time….”

William then recalled that some of the “best” moments of his younger years was playing the sport, and credited it as the reason he was able to build some of his lifelong friendships.

“Quite a strong memory of early days was donning an England shirt and going down the pub with my mates and watching England play in big tournaments,” he said.

Prince William and Harry Kane Discuss Football Ahead Of Qatar 2022 World Cup

The Prince Of Wales Says Football Brings “Everyone Together”

Even though William won’t be heading to Qatar to support the team live – let’s blame the busy “winter schedule” – there’s a chance he might hop on a plane and fly right over if England makes it to the finals on December 18.

Speaking on why he connected so deeply to football, William said: “It really brought everyone together. It’s a family within a family. And that’s what really got me more than more than the result.”

The special episode was organized by Copa90 in association with the Royal Foundation.

Harry Kane shared the discussion on his social media, writing: “In football and in life, it’s important to be there for others and everyone needs an arm round their shoulder from time to time.”

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