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Prince William, Kate Middleton want to stay in Adelaide Cottage


Prince William, Kate Middleton want to stay in Adelaide Cottage

The Royal Family news and updates say that the Prince and Princess of Wales prefer staying at the Adelaide Cottage instead of moving to Windsor Castle.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are reported to avoid moving to Windsor Castle as much as possible. A royal expert said that the couple is happy living in Adelaide Cottage since they moved out from Kensington Palace.

The prince and princess are said to prefer living modestly in Adelaide Cottage instead of living in a more magnificent residence at Windsor Castle.

According to the expert, the comparison of living situations between Windsor Castle and Adelaide Cottage is based on royal accommodation.

Adelaide Cottage in detail

This royal residence is near Windsor Castle, within the Windsor Home Park. The Adelaide Cottage was originally made for King Wiliam IV’s wife, Queen Adelaide, in 1831.

The cottage has four bedrooms and two public rooms. Compared to their previous residence, Apartment 1A in Kensington Palace, which has 20 bedrooms, Adelaide Cottage is truly more modest.

The home also has neutral colors, which makes it simpler compared to other palaces. It seems like a normal home, except for the fact that it is still on the royal grounds and still has a gatehouse. It still provides some sort of a normal setting for the royal couple’s family.

Move to Adelaide Cottage

William and Kate reportedly moved to the cottage to give their children (Prince George, Princess Charlotte, And Prince Louis) an ordinary childhood. And the cottage could probably be given to them given that the accommodation is less grand compared to Kensington Palace.

Prince William, Kate Middleton want to stay in Adelaide Cottage

This is probably the reason why they are avoiding moving to Windsor Castle. Their children are still children. Prince George is nine years old. Princess Charlotte is seven years old. And Prince Louis is just four years old.

By moving immediately to Windsor Castle, their plan to provide an ordinary childhood for their children will be cut short.

The royal couple moved to the Adelaide Cottage just before Queen Elizabeth II died last year. The children just started going to school when the queen died.

According to reports, their move to the cottage, including enrolling their children in a new school provided them with some sort of a new life in a subtle way. And the experts think that the prince and princess are successfully making this happen for their family.

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