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Princess Ann Gives ‘Firm’ Glance Watching Ex Mark Phillips Give Daughter Away


Princess Ann Gives ‘Firm’ Glance Watching Ex Mark Phillips Give Daughter AwayPrincess Anne watched proudly as her ex-husband Captain Mark Phillips walked the former couple’s daughter down the aisle as she weds William Hosier in Tetbury, Gloucestershire on Saturday, July 9.

After suggesting that Princess Anne had a “firm” expression on her face as she watched her ex give his daughter away to the groom, William Hosier, experts are now shedding light on the glance, per Mirror UK. Continue reading and we’ll discuss what the experts are saying.

Royal Family News – A Warm Smile or Disapproving Glance?

The Princess Royal watched, no doubt proudly, as her 24-year-old daughter, Stephanie, walked with her father down the aisle towards her new life with William Hosier. The day was Saturday, July 9 and the place was St Mary the Virgin Church in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.

Body language and communication expert Judi James noted that there has been some speculation that the princess was giving a “firm” look at her granddaughter Zara as she walked with her. However, with Princess Anne, a warm smile and a disapproving glance can look remarkably similar.

Royal Family News – Exes at Wedding Signaled ‘Warmth, Affection’

According to James, most weddings are accompanied by some apprehension, and “this one could have had all the ingredients for at the very least some gritted teeth and pasted-on smiles.

“So many of the guests had ‘ex’ status that the day could have thrown up some awkward body language, but in reality the poses signal nothing but warmth, affection, and rather high degrees of relaxation and happiness, suggesting the ‘we’re still the best of friends’ mantra really does apply when it comes to Anne and her ex’s family and even her son Peter and his ex Autumn.

Princess Ann Gives ‘Firm’ Glance Watching Ex Mark Phillips Give Daughter Away

Royal Family News – Anne Often Looks ‘Animated and Jolly’ Beside Captain Phillips

She explained that, over the years, it has been clear that Princess Anne has maintained a “happy friendship” with her ex-husband, adding that Princess Anne often looked “animated and jolly” in the captain’s company.

“According to James, she appears to have passed that “skill” down to her son, Peter “who has gone out of his way to put in some animated and fun-looking outings with his ex, Autumn.” Be sure and stay up to date on all Royal Family News and return here often for more news and updates.

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  1. Liza says

    you’ve got everyone wrong. Stephanie is Mark Phillip’s daughter but not Anne’s. Zara is the Princess and Phillip’s daughter. And the granddaughters are Zara’s and Peter’s daughters. Savannah, 11, and Isla, 10 are Peter’s and Mia, 8, and Lena, 4, are Zara’s.

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