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Princess Beatrice To Get Visit From Disgraced Dad Prince Andrew Despite Sex Assault Lawsuit?!


Princess Beatrice To Get Visit From Disgraced Dad Prince Andrew Despite Sex Assault Lawsuit?!Royal family rumors hint that pregnant Princess Beatrice could get a surprise visit from her father, Prince Andrew.

But does Beatrice really want to see her disgraced dad amid the spotlight on the sex assault lawsuit?

Well, apparently no one has bothered to ask this pregnant princess that key question. 

And the royal family gossip instead focuses on what could happen when Andrew steps out from his current hiding place.

Find out all about the prince and his royal daughter below!

Prince Andrew To Emerge From ‘High-Brow Hidey-Hole’ For Daughter?

Royal family members don’t usually play hide and seek as adults.

But Prince Andrew has done just that, per Page Six, which called his hiding location a “high-brow hidey-hole.”

Why hide?

Andrew wants to evade getting served with legal papers, which stem from his sex assault lawsuit.

As a result, Prince Andrew reportedly has hidden out at Queen Elizabeth’s Scottish estate, Balmoral.

However, royal family insiders think he will make a mad dash to visit his pregnant daughter, Princess Beatrice.

Princess Beatrice: Alone During Pregnancy?

At 33, pregnant Princess Beatrice might have her husband with her. 

But the exact whereabouts of that man, 38-year-old Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, apparently aren’t clear.

And whether or not Beatrice’s husband is with her, royal family insiders believe her father would “want to go to her.”

As a result of his lawsuit, however, that location change could turn into Prince Andrew getting served with legal papers. 

How Did Prince Andrew End Up Hiding Out In Disgrace?

The situation that ended up with Prince Andrew fleeing to Queen Elizabeth’s Scottish estate, Balmoral, results from the prince’s involvement with financier Jeffrey Epstein.

In the summer of 2019, Epstein got arrested. He faced charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking.

And that’s where Andrew comes in.

The 61-year-old faces a lawsuit from Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who describes herself as a victim of sex trafficking by both Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

But that’s only the beginning of Virgina’s allegations. She also claims she got forced to have sex with the royal family member when she was under age 18.

Prince Andrew Faces Dilemma With Pregnant Daughter Princess Beatrice

At this point, Prince Andrew denies any involvement in the sex trafficking allegations linked to Jeffrey Epstein.

And his denial extends to the claims made by Virginia Roberts Giuffre against the royal family member. 

But while Andrew continues to deny any wrongdoing, he also keeps attempting to avoid getting served with the sex assault lawsuit paperwork.

Can Andrew continue to evade the situation by hiding at Queen Elizabeth’s Scottish estate, Balmoral?

Well, yes, at least for the foreseeable future, say insiders.

At this point, Prince Andrew faces two options.

First, he could rush to support his pregnant daughter Princess Beatrice.

Princess Beatrice To Get Visit From Disgraced Dad Prince Andrew Despite Sex Assault Lawsuit?!

But that could require him to travel from Balmoral, note insiders.

“Prince Andrew obviously hasn’t wanted to leave Balmoral when lawyers are still trying to serve the lawsuit papers,” pointed out one royal family source. 

So why leave?

“But his daughter comes first and he will want to be there for her,” continued the insider. 

However, another option does exit.

Second and alternatively, Prince Andrew could decide to stay safely on the Scottish estate.

“He could end up staying on the estate and waiting for Beatrice to come to him once she’s given birth,” pointed out the source.

What will the disgraced dad of Princess Beatrice decide?

One royal family insider claims to know.

“But I’m sure he will want to go to her,” insisted the source. 

What do you think will happen? 

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  1. Love The Royals says

    Prince Andrew may have had sex with this woman, but it was Epstein and his sidekick that knew the particulars on the young woman and all Prince Andrew needed to know was that he was safe to have a ” massage” from the young woman… I cant picture her showing up at Prince Andrew’s room saying “I’m only 17, how would you like us to do your “massage?” Nope! If it happened in New ayork, back then, age of consent was 17, which she was.. Niw, the state legislature CHANGED the age of consent to 18, but she’s waited all the way down to the last hour to file her complaint.. In my opinion, hoping that “grey” area between the age of consent from being 17 to be 18.. She’s betting on the vagueness of memory to win her civil suit.. I think. she’s a pretty sleazy woman to wait as long as she did, and also knowing that Epstein paid her off, had her sign a contract stating she coukd not sue him, or any of his associates… An assoiciate coukd be ANYONE that Epstein ASSOCIATED WITH… She knew she had signed yet she went out, already sued several other” massage clients” sent to her by Epstein…WHY should she get away with this??? She’s already dragged Andrew through the mud, which dragged the Royal famiky along with it- She’s tarnished his reputation forever, and ALL she had to say back when it happened was “Help! i’m under age and Epstein’s holding me here against my will! Can you help me escape this and get home?” I would bet Prince Andrew would have helped the girl.. But SHE MISREPRESENTED HERSELF!
    Giuffre should be the one being sued, IMHO!

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