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Prodigal Royal Couple Won’t Go Gently into that Good Night, Says Expert


Prodigal Royal Couple Won't Go Gently into that Good Night, Says ExpertRemember, in 2017, when Princess Michael of Kent wore that “racist” broch to a luncheon where Meghan Markle was present? Well, now it appears that she and her husband may not go “quietly into retirement” following a controversial career as royals, according to a former friend of Princess Diana.

Born in Bohemia as Marie-Christine von Reibnitz, the 77-year-old royal and her other half Prince Michael of Kent are apparently set to retire from royal life, according to Newsweek. Continue reading and we’ll tell you why that could be messier than the royal family might expect.

The Princess Is Best Know For

The princess is perhaps best known, at least recently, for attending the Queen’s 2017 pre-Christmas luncheon wearing a blackamoor brooch that portrayed a person of color in a service role. It was a move that many saw as “racist” especially given that Meghan Markle was in attendance at the lunch.

At the time Princess Michael claimed that she was “very sorry and distressed” after social media users exclaimed that the jewelry was racist. According to an old friend of the late Princess Diana and Daily Mail reporter, Richard Kay, we should not expect this royal couple to go quietly into retirement.

Speculation Has Swirled About Retirement

After the royal couple hosted an opulent summer party in the gardens at Kensington Palace, the columnist questioned, “Will this most controversial of princesses and her prince now go quietly into retirement, or might there be yet another blaze of autumn sunshine?”

Prodigal Royal Couple Won't Go Gently into that Good Night, Says Expert

He then went on to caution, judging by the extravagant birthday bash, to not “bet against it.” Kay, who was one of the last to see Princess Diana alive, explained that the prince and princess had not confirmed the report of their royal retirement, which first appeared in the Daily Telegraph last month.

Kay described the party, writing, “Just in case anyone had any doubts, the sound of popping champagne corks said it all this week—nothing much has changed in the extravagant lives of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.”

Princess Michael, who is the daughter of a Nazi Waffen-SS officer, has been on the edge of controversy long before the 2017 brooch incident. In 2004, the royal was accused of telling black diners at Da Silvano in New York, to “go back to the colonies,” as reported by the New York Post at the time. Be sure and stay up to date on all Royal Family News and return here often for more news, and updates.

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