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Queen Camilla Was Startled To Hear Anti-monarchy Protesters’ Jeering, But Not King Charles


Queen Camilla Was Startled To Hear Anti-monarchy Protesters' Jeering, But Not King Charles

It’s easy to forget that the monarchy has haters when you see the crowds of people that turn up to cheer them on whenever they’re out during an engagement. Perhaps this reality affected Queen Camilla so much so that hearing jeers instead of claps startled her for one hot second.

However, King Charles the III made like the king and wasn’t bothered by the noise.

Body Language Expert Says Queen Camilla Was Nervous During Latest Commonwealth Day Outing

This Commonwealth Day Service was no doubt a success, with its theme of carving a sustainable and peaceful common future within the Commonwealth countries. But the day also meant that anti-monarchy protesters were out in their numbers and trying to make their point that they’re ready to welcome a republic.

As King Charles and Queen Camilla stepped out to attend the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey on Monday afternoon, a roar of jeers rose up and, according to body language expert Judi James, it shook Camilla so much that the feeling stayed with her throughout the event.

Judi James told the Mirror: “Being greeted by jeers from the crowd from people carrying anti-monarchy banners didn’t rattle the King but it did seem to startle Camilla. While Charles stopped to enjoy the performance of a haka, Camilla walked straight past despite the fact he seemed to turn to expect to enjoy it with her.”

She continued by saying that “Camilla was also clearly worried about the wind taking her hat and messing her hair but those are not the normal concerns for royal women. Buffeted by the same strong wind, Kate just placed one hand to steady her hat and Anne walked through without as much as a blink of concern.”

Queen Camilla Was Startled To Hear Anti-monarchy Protesters' Jeering, But Not King Charles

Judi James Explains How Camilla’s Body Language Betrayed Her “Intense Nervousness”

Analyzing her behavior once they were inside the grand cathedral, she said: “Camilla was still troubled by the time she got inside the venue, miming as such to Sophie and patting and fiddling with her hair throughout her appearance. Camilla looked intensely nervous here at what might have been a rather relaxed induction into life as a new Queen. Her hands shook as she held her order of service and she barely sang the words to the songs.”

Camilla, however, soon regained herself enough to join in a conversation with other royals, though Dench said that the previous shock still bore down on her even then.

“She chatted to William and Kate on the way and seemed to ignore Charles, who stepped across to grab her by the arm and motion her to her spot for their walk up the aisle. On the way out she spoke to Charles but he seemed to ignore her, turning his head away to acknowledge the audience instead.”

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