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Why Queen Elizabeth Didn’t Wear Her Crown for The State Opening of Parliament


Why Queen Elizabeth Didn't Wear Her Crown for The State Opening of ParliamentThere’s a very good reason why Queen Elizabeth didn’t wear a crown at the State Opening of Parliament in London this week, but it’s not what many people think.

This year marks the first time Queen Elizabeth didn’t wear her crown in over 43 years. It is also the first time that Her Majesty has worn a hat and a dress for the event. She traditionally wears her Imperial State Crown and the Robe of State at the event. And that’s not the only significant change Queen Elizabeth has made. This year was also the first year she traveled by car instead of by carriage.

Many royal correspondents have noted that Queen Elizabeth’s toned-down appearance has made the State Opening look like “a pale shadow of its former self.” At least, that’s what the BBC’s Peter Hunt has to say about it.

Why Queen Elizabeth Didn't Wear Her Crown for The State Opening of Parliament

While a lot of royal observers believe it’s because of either Prince Philip’s ailing health or all of the terror attacks that have been taking place in London lately, that’s not the case at all. Instead, it all has to do with timing of Queen Elizabeth’s schedule and logistics. It’s mostly because Her Majesty has been doing back-to-back public appearances and hasn’t had much time to rehearse. After all, she was at the Trooping the Color event only a few days before the State Opening of Parliament. That’s why she decided to tone down her appearance at the State Opening of Parliament.

Of course, Buckingham Palace is yet to make any comments about Her Majesty’s appearance at the State Opening of Parliament. But at 91-years-old, Queen Elizabeth has made it pretty clear that she has no intentions of slowing down her workload or cutting back on her royal duties anytime soon. In fact, she’s just as committed to her royal duties and obligations now as she has been in the past.

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  1. Anti says

    So if the crown is not worn then she does NOT rule.. So UK has been taken over by the Rothschilds Central Banksters,
    All ready to bring in the Socialism Credit score and Communism as Rothchilds have perfected in China.

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