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Queen Elizabeth Unable To Ride Her Horses


Queen Elizabeth Unable To Ride Her HorsesQueen Elizabeth has always been an avid horsewoman. However, lately, she has been unable to ride. What is the latest news on this latest restriction on the Queen?

What Is Keeping Queen Elizabeth From Horseback Riding

Queen Elizabeth is known for her beloved Corgi dogs and horses. Riding since she was only four years of age, the British Monarch has been riding for over ninety years. However, according to The Sun, she has not participated in her favorite pastime of late.

Although this news is just coming out, it revealed that in September, the Queen suffered from some “discomfort” while riding her horse. Her doctors advised the 95-year-old Monarch to discontinue riding for the time being. This occurred after her yearly Balmoral visit.

The source shared, “She was in quite a bit of discomfort. She adores riding and it has been part of her ritual for most of her life.” The source shared how the Queen felt about this latest setback. “She has been extremely disappointed not to go riding since the beginning of September.”

However, she is determined to get back in the saddle again soon. It should be noted that in September and in the first two weeks of October, the Queen has been very active in her regular duties. She has done both virtual and in-person events.

Queen Backed Out Of Attending COP26 Climate Change Summit

Just a few days ago, Queen Elizabeth II pulled out of attending the COP26 climate change summit, which is now taking place in Glasgow. Her medical team and Buckingham Palace have determined it was best to be !safe than sorry” and advised against her attending.

Instead, the royal physicians want her to rest up. Therefore, she created a video with the speech she planned on giving, for the summit.

According to another report by The Sun, her former press secretary, Dickie Arbiter shared the overall concern for the Queen. “There is concern that the infections will spike during the course of this COP26 conference. So they are keeping the Queen safe, keeping her safe in the bubble.”

Moreover, this is more of a prevention, not due to her current health. Arbiter shared, “Given that there are reported to be 30,000 people pouring into Glasgow for this particular conference I think it’s been the palace and her medical team being safer than sorry.”

Queen Elizabeth Unable To Ride Her Horses

British Monarch’s Health Issues

Although Queen Elizabeth has always experienced the best of health, she has recently been limited in her activities and has changed her routines. For example, she is no longer enjoying a cocktail, glass of wine, or a nightcap. Her medical team has asked her to eschew any sort of libation.

Just recently, the press discovered that the normally robust Queen of England was in hospital. That was inadvertently discovered after she canceled a two-day trip to Northern Ireland.

Yet, the Queen continues to work from Windsor Palace. Hopefully, she will soon be back riding again and perhaps even enjoying her favorite wine at dinner. Keep checking back here for more Royal Family news and updates.

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