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Queen Elizabeth Wants to Help Prince Andrew Out


Queen Elizabeth Wants to Help Prince Andrew OutAccording to a source, the 95-year-old Queen is conflicted in her duties as both a “mother and monarch” when it comes to her son Prince Andrew’s case.

Though Andrew has been stripped of his titles and is not expected to return to royal duties any time soon, the Queen is still steadily supporting him as a result of her maternal side.

The Queen Splits Her Time Between Being a Monarch and a Mother

Despite Her Majesty stripping her 61-year-old son of his military titles and patronages and prohibiting him from using the title His Royal Highness, sources are saying that she’s desperate to help him out.

Andrew lives just three miles of Windsor Castle, in the Queen Mother’s old home. He’s reportedly borrowing cash from his mom and eldest brother in order to pay off the settlement.

The royals are said to be keen to move on from the scandal brought about by the sexual assault lawsuit and its unpleasant conclusion. The drama has so far overshadowed plans for the Queen’s historic Jubilee celebrations.

Royal expert Angela Levin said that the Queen acted upon her maternal instinct to preserve the reputation of the son widely known as her favorite child.

She told Good Morning Britain: “I think it’s a scar but I don’t think it’s too damaging. I don’t think one attacks a woman of 95 who has led this country. It’s unfortunate that she has a son who hasn’t behaved at all.

“She has this split thing between being a mother and monarch but sometimes she has to be a mother. She wants to help him out and get the whole thing over.

“They have to be quiet until after the Jubilee, but after that Andrew and Virginia can say whatever they like.”

Queen Elizabeth Wants to Help Prince Andrew Out

Queen Elizabeth Shows “Unswerving Loyalty” to Prince Andrew Through the Sex Abuse Saga

Prince Andrew, who is known as “randy andy” because of his fondness for beautiful women, has been quietly supported by the Queen as he faced Giuffre’s civil lawsuit.

Ms. Levin continued: “It’s very easy to look back and see what you could have done. I think she felt she thought it would work itself out. He should have been stopped going on Newsnight.”

However, even through the scandal, the Queen remained sturdy and attended a public event on Wednesday.

Speaking about Her Majesty attending the event, Ms. Levin couldn’t help sympathizing with the monarch when she said, “I can’t walk”.

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