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Queen Stopped Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Plans to Live as Royals in the U.S.


Queen Stopped Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Plans to Live as Royals in the U.S.According to recent reports, it was originally Harry and Meghan’s plans to function as half in half out royals rather than fully stepping down from their duties as senior members of the royal family.

However, the Queen opposed their plans, stripping them of their royal patronages.

Her Majesty Rejects Harry and Meghan’s Idea to Live as Royals in a “Third Way”

Per recent unearthed reports, Queen Elizabeth put a stop to the idea entertained by the Sussex couple regarding keeping their royal patronages, while pursuing lucrative commercial partnerships.

A Daily Mail source revealed that the couple hoped to be able to enjoy their patronages, but wanted scaled back royal duties, which will allow them to take on independent projects.

Their preconceived plans would allow them to keep their formal roles with the military, arts, Commonwealth and sporting organisations.

Speaking to the outlet, the source claimed: “The direction of travel has been clear for a while.

Queen Stopped Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Plans to Live as Royals in the U.S.

“The Queen has been very clear from the start that this ‘half in, half out’ model demanded by the Sussexes wouldn’t work and hasn’t deviated from that. Not once.

“Their original idea was to have a ‘third way’ of being a royal. And the Queen has said quite simply ‘no, you can’t’.’”

Harry and Meghan now base in Montecito California with their two young children. They are currently working on two projects for Netflix: an animation series “Pearl” and a documentary highlighting the “Invictus Games”.

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  1. Robyn says

    Either your in the Royal Family or your not!
    You can’t be in the Royal Family when it benefits you!
    Stop making your living on the backs of a Family you don’t what to belong to!
    Get a regular 9 to 5!

    1. Marsha says

      I agree!

  2. Lisa says

    Go ahead and please take their titles. They don’t need them if they are going to continue to live here. We are tired of hearing them.

  3. Helen says

    I think it’s pathetic that they won’t come for Christmas with the queen , mark my words Harry you will live to regret your decision not to see your grandma, come with or without your wife and family because you’ll have other christmas’s With them but this could be the last one with the queen , there is only so much she can take , and she could die of a broken heart it’s absolutely devastating she has to spend it without your grandpa but never in a million years did anyone think YOU of all people would dessert her in her hours of need , are you happy that you’ll let down a wonderful human being such as your grandma !!!! If you come we will all promise to turn our backs on you and your brood , but this year please put our wonderful queen FIRST or we as her loving subjects will never forgive you . Over to you now

    1. Pennie P says

      Dear Helen,
      I strongly suspect that they were NOT invited, thus creating, once again, their own version of “reality”.
      Just my opinion… But why would Her Magisty want them at her Christmas Table?

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