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Queen’s Dresser Reveals How Her Majesty Secretly Dealt with Prince Philip’s Death


Queen’s Dresser Reveals How Her Majesty Secretly Dealt with Prince Philip’s DeathQueen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have known each other for over eight decades and have been married for 73 years before he passed away on April 9. On March 29 this year, a memorial for the Duke of Edinburgh was organized, and it saw the Queen, who rarely displayed emotions in public, shed a few tears during the event.

Now, the Queen’s dresser, Angela Kelly, who has been with her for 28 years, will be flipping the other side of the coin and telling us what it is to be a grieving monarch behind closed doors. Surprisingly, she’s doing this with the blessing of Her Majesty.

Angela Kelly Shines a Light on HMS Bubble and the Queen’s Personal Grief

In a new chapter to update her book, “The Other Side of the Coin, The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe”, Angela described how she waited for the monarch in her dressing room until she returned from the funeral service at St. George’s Chapel.

She recalled: “I helped her off with her coat and hat and no words were spoken. The Queen then walked to her sitting room, closed the door behind her, and she was alone with her own thoughts.”

Angela, who is formally known as Her Majesty’s Personal Advisor and Curator (The Queen’s Jewellery, Insignias and Wardrobe), was one of the very few aides who were allowed to be with the monarch and Prince Philip during HMS Bubble. The HMS Bubble was put in place during lockdown as a precaution against the aged royal and her husband contracting the coronavirus infection during the early stages of the outbreak. A few trusted staff members were allowed to bunker with Her Majesty and Prince Philip at the time.

Writing about the day he died, Ms. Kelly remembers the “sombre” air within the reduced household when news of the Royal’s death spread through their ranks.

On the funeral day, which took place on April 17, Kelly wrote on how the staff were allowed to stand outside the Augusta Tower door opposite St George’s Hall at the Castle. She continued: “The Queen’s dressers, pages, chefs, housemaids, footmen and Castle attendants all stood to attention as The Duke of Edinburgh’s coffin was carefully placed onto the Land Rover that he had specially designed for the day.”

“You could see the expression of sadness on everyone’s faces to see such a great and well-respected man making his last journey. Their thoughts, I’m sure, were for The Queen, knowing she had lost a husband and a best friend. The nation shared the grief and their hearts went out to Her Majesty.”

Queen’s Dresser Reveals How Her Majesty Secretly Dealt with Prince Philip’s Death

Angela Kelly on the Staff Feeling the Pain of Prince Philip’s Death

The Platinum Jubilee edition of Ms. Kelly’s book also detailed the pain felt by the Duke’s aides as they participated in his funeral service.

“We all felt their pain as they had worked with him for so long and we had worked alongside them. It was hard to watch our own friends saying goodbye to their amazing boss, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh.

“I’m sure some of the prayers that were offered were by those who had never prayed before. I think those prayers were offered to keep The Queen strong throughout the months to come, when she would be without her husband.”

The updated and revised version of “The Other Side of the Coin (Platinum Edition)” will be available on May 12th by HarperCollins.

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