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Royal Expert Claims Prince Harry Gave A Subtle Dig To His Prince Charles


Royal Expert Claims Prince Harry Gave A Subtle Dig To His Prince CharlesIn September, the Sunday Times broke the news about how one of Charles’ top aides promised to secure an honor and possibly a British citizenship to a Saudi Arabian businessman in return for a big donation to Prince Charles’ charity foundations.

The investigation prompted Michael Fawcett to step down and subsequently resign from his position as Chief Executive of the Prince’s Foundation.

Recently, as investigation into the scandal continues, the Sunday Times reported that Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz was able to get to Charles through his connection with Harry.

The report was immediately refuted by Prince Harry’s spokesperson.

Prince Harry Reveals He Cut Ties with Asian Billionaire Because of His “Motives”

Amid probe into the CBE scandal, it was revealed that Harry was the first to meet and receive donations from the Billionaire.

The Sunday Times reported that the Duke of Sussex met with the billionaire in a pub in Chelsea, West London, after he donated the sum of £50,000 to his charity.

The meeting was said to take place in late 2013 and they reportedly spoke about Sentebale, the charity Harry started after his gap year in Lesotho. The pair also posed for pictures at the time.

Harry immediately denied having any continued relationship with the businessman as he was scared off by the man’s motives.

“The duke and his advisors, as well as his nonprofit Sentebale, severed ties with Mr Mahfouz and his associates in 2015, no longer accepting further donations to Sentebale and discontinuing any plans for a fundraising event amid growing concerns over the motives for his support.

“The duke had one planned meeting with this donor nearly eight years ago, did not introduce him to any members of the royal family, and expressed his concerns about the donor.”

Harry immediately denied having any continued relationship with the businessman

Harry’s spokesperson also attacked the Sunday Times for the report, writing: “It is disappointing that The Sunday Times, knowing all the facts, has chosen to encourage speculation by being deliberately vague to try to create a falsified link between the Duke of Sussex and the CBE scandal, of which he had no knowledge or involvement.”

The story, however, continues to get interesting. Almost a year after Prince Harry met with the businessman, in March 2014, Prince Charles had his own chat with him.

Harry was claimed to have said upon meeting the Asian billionaire at Clarence House, “Has father beaten me to it and got the money?”

Harry got to pose for pictures with Mahfouz’s sons and a banquet was agreed in the billionaire’s honor at St. James’ Palace as a way to encourage more donations. The event was later called off.

Royal Expert Claims Prince Harry Gave A Subtle Dig To His Prince Charles

Royal Commentator Alleges Harry Trashed His Father in His Defense Statement over the Sunday Times’ Report

Angela Levin, Prince Harry’s royal biographer, shared her opinion on Prince Harry’s statement over claims he was linked to the Cash for Honors scandal. “He doesn’t mention Charles by name in his statement but it’s a clear case of one-upmanship,” Levin said.

“Harry looks for any occasion to whack his father and criticize him. It’s sad.”

Sentebale, the charity led by Harry, also released a statement defending the donation to the charity.

Sentebale said: “Sheikh Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz’s foundation was introduced to a trustee of Sentebale as a prospective high-level donor.

“A meeting with Mahfouz and the duke was arranged to discuss the work of the charity.

“Beyond the two donations made to Sentebale by Mahfouz, no other activity took place.”

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