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Royal Expert Explains Why Meghan Markle “Made a Lot of Enemies”


Royal Expert Explains Why Meghan Markle “Made a Lot of Enemies”


The royal news and updates tease that Meghan Markle “made a lot of enemies” after “portraying herself as the victim,” according to one royal expert. Duncan Larcombe also tackled how Meghan struggled to find the difference between being a royal and a celebrity.

Larcombe explained that the Duchess of Sussex had made enemies after stepping down from her royal duties in 2020.

“If you look at the commercialization Meghan has embarked on, yes, she’s done very well. She’s absolutely up there now, almost with Beyoncé … certainly in her own mind,” he said.

She managed to achieve that but the truth is she’s made a lot of enemies as she played the victim card because they also felt that Meghan treated them unfairly, too.

Meghan Felt Leaving Was Their Only Option

In an interview with The Cut, Meghan said that she and Prince Harry had no choice but to move. She said that their mere existence in the royal family was “upsetting the dynamic of the hierarchy.” They felt it was their only choice, but they were happy to do it, either way.

The Duchess of Sussex also mentioned finding her previous diary at Frogmore Cottage.

“You go back and you open drawers and you’re like, Oh my gosh. This is what I was writing in my journal there? And here’s all my socks from this time?’” she said. She described it as bittersweet because it didn’t have to be that way.

The former Suits star explained that she’s “still healing” that’s why she’s making a choice not to talk about her whole experience, even though she didn’t sign anything that prevents her from doing so.

Royal Expert Explains Why Meghan Markle “Made a Lot of Enemies”

Larcombe Describes Meghan as Divisive

Larcombe also explained that Meghan can be divisive. He believed that the royal family considers her a minefield, rather than a time bomb because she just keeps going off. She has a “love her or loathe her” character, making her a divisive individual.

Royal Authors Line Up To Release Books About Conflict Between Prince Harry, Meghan, and the Royal Family

Royal authors and commentators are lining up to release their own claiming to detail the conflict between Buckingham Palace and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Some of the titles that were already published include Katie Nicholls’ The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown for Daily Mail and Angela Levin’s book titled Camilla: From Outcast to Queen Consort.

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  1. Debby says

    Still healing from what??? Her victimization is all in her mind but that’s what a narcissist says & does.

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