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Royal Expert Says Meghan Markle Struggled To Know The Difference Between Being Royal and Celebrity


Royal Expert Says Meghan Markle Struggled To Know The Difference Between Being Royal and Celebrity

The royal news and updates tease that Meghan Markle struggled to know the difference between being a celebrity and a royal. At least, that’s what a royal expert believes.

Meghan Was Unprepared For Royalty

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe said that Meghan Markle wasn’t prepared to live the royal life. In an interview with Fox News Digital, Larcombe explained that the Duchess of Sussex was at a disadvantage compared to Kate Middleton.

He also added that Prince Harry came short in preparing his wife for royal life. Larcombe felt sorry for Meghan because Prince Harry never told her what was involved in being part of the royal family.

Kate Had Longer Time To Adjust

The royal expert also explained that Kate had a much longer time to adjust to her royal. As for Meghan, she was introduced to the role right away.

“But [Kate] had years to adjust to the attention, and I think Meghan basically didn’t ever get straight in her mind the difference between being on the red carpet as a celebrity and the red carpet as a royal, and she just didn’t understand the incredibly important distinction,” Larcombe said.

“I don’t know that she was guided and I don’t think the royal family really knew what they’ve got when Meghan showed up,” she added.

Larcombe said that Meghan’s struggle was similar to that of the late Princess Diana.

Did Meghan Misunderstood Her Royal Role?

Larcombe pointed out that Meghan didn’t have a clear understanding of her “duty” as a royal. He explained that as a celebrity, it was all about Meghan and what she could get. But as a royal, it was no longer about her. It’s about the people she’s meeting, which she’s doing out of duty.

Royal Expert Says Meghan Markle Struggled To Know The Difference Between Being Royal and Celebrity

Meghan “Wanted To Be Rejected”

Dan Wootton discussed in the book Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown some claims made by royal staff members about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In the book, written by Valentine Low, Wootton said that Prince Harry and Meghan made the “inevitable” choice of leaving the royal family in 2020.

The couple was reportedly on a “self-destruct mission from day one, looking for any slight, aggrievement or apparent discrimination to weaponize against the institution that was working so hard to appease them,” Wootton explained.

In the book, it was also revealed that one of her former staff called her a “narcissistic sociopath.”

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  1. Marsha says

    Duncan is a Megan fan, not that it influences her lack of popularity. She was an Epstein friend and a pics exist of her on his yacht and quite possibly at the same time as Andrew. Megan has quite a history, you cannot turn a pigs ear into a silk purse. There is nothing Royal about the woman, never will be.

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