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Royal Family New: Queen Delays Diplomatic Reception Amid Russian Invasion of Ukraine


Royal Family New: Queen Delays Diplomatic Reception Amid Russian Invasion of UkraineAccording to Vanity Fair, the Queen followed the advice of the UK Foreign Secretary and elected not to host the 500-member diplomatic core for their annual meeting amid Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The Monarch, along with other royals, was set to host over 500 members of the diplomatic core for their annual meeting on March 2 at Windsor Castle. The meeting has now been postponed indefinitely amid the current global crisis. Continue reading and we’ll give you more details.

Royal Family News: Postponement Un-related to COVID Diagnosis

The Queen has accepted the Foreign Secretary’s advice that the Diplomatic Reception at Windsor on Wednesday 2nd March should be postponed,” Buckingham Palace announced Saturday, February 26. According to People, the decision had nothing to do with the Queen’s current COVID-19 diagnosis. Given the current situation in Ukraine, and the subsequent advice given to the Queen for the Foreign Secretary, the change was likely Ukraine-related.

This follows Vladimir Putin’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine that began in earnest on Thursday, February 24. The attack involved missile strikes and Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv as well as the deaths of hundreds of civilians.

Royal Family News: Putin Says Russian Invasion is ‘Peacekeeping’

The invasion, which began earlier this week, saw Russian forces moving in from the North, East, and South and have steadily evolved with the capital city of Kyiv currently under immediate threat. Though Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine has been widely condemned throughout the world, the Russians have continued to push forward.

Putin is insisting that his troops are merely “peacekeeping” as Russia has historic ties to Ukraine. Earlier this week, as a full-scale invasion was undeniable Joe Biden addressed the situation, saying, “The prayers of the entire world are with the people of Ukraine tonight as they suffer an unprovoked and unjustified attack by Russian military forces.”

Royal Family New: Queen Delays Diplomatic Reception Amid Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Royal Family News: Queen Cancels Meetings, Says Voice ‘A Little Croaky’

The news of the Queen’s sudden schedule change comes just a week after the monarch tested positive for COVID-19 after which Buckingham Palace released the statement, “Her Majesty is experiencing mild cold-like symptoms but expects to continue light duties at Windsor over the coming week.”

Not long after her diagnosis, the Queen proceeded to cancel virtual meetings for Tuesday and Thursday. According to a source speaking with the Daily Mail, the meetings were canceled because the Queen’s voice was “a little croaky.” Be sure to stay apprised of all things royal and return here often for more spoilers, news, and updates.

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