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Royal Family News: Amid Prince Andrew’s Disgrace, Fergie Asked to ‘Remarry’ Duke of York


Royal Family News: Amid Prince Andrew’s Disgrace, Fergie Asked to ‘Remarry’ Duke of YorkAmid Prince Andrews shunning from royal life, Sarah Ferguson has been asked to remarry the duke and lead a private life, for the good of the Monarchy.

According to Geo News, a royal expert says the Duke of York’s puzzling Falklands War post on Sarah Ferguson’s Instagram page proves “she believes in him.” Continue reading and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Royal Family News: Expert Claims Fergie Still ‘Believes’ in Andrew

Royal expert Robert Jobson told the Mirror, “Sarah Ferguson has been among Andrew’s most loyal of friends. Using her Instagram was, however, an error of judgement, perhaps down to her exuberance. She believes in him.”

He then suggested that “perhaps the best thing for them to do is to remarry and find happiness out of the public eye together and walk away from any hope of returning to representing the Crown in the future.”

Royal Family News: Duke Claims He Prays ‘Fervently’ for Ukraine

Before the duke commandeered Fergie’s Instagram page, she wrote, “I asked Andrew this morning for his reflections on the anniversary of his sailing from Portsmouth to the Falkland Islands 40 years ago.”

After her introduction, the next post came from Andrew who wrote, “As I sit here at my desk on this cold crisp spring morning thinking back to April 1982 I’ve tried to think what was going through my mind as we sailed out of Portsmouth lining the flight deck of HMS INVINCIBLE.”

Royal Family News: Amid Prince Andrew’s Disgrace, Fergie Asked to ‘Remarry’ Duke of York

The prince’s post continues with him writing, “So whilst I think back to a day when a young man went to war, full of bravado, I returned a changed man. Addressing Ukraine, he wrote, “My reflection makes me think even harder and pray even more fervently for those in conflict today, for those family’s [sic] torn apart by the horrors they have witnessed.”

Royal Family News: Andrew Calls War ‘Failure to Keep Peace’

Some have felt the prince should join the fight in Ukraine if he wants to regain his glory, something which they say he never really had, having received only the standard service medal for his time in the war.

His post concluded, “And, i’m [sic] afraid to say, that the historical perspective my short war has taught me is this – war is failure to keep peace; war is failure of human judgment; war is failure to recognise we need to seek permission to understand another persons perspective or reality, whether or not we agree or disagree with that perspective or reality.”

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