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Royal Family News – As Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ Looms, Is Meghan Markle Considering Her Own Memoir?


Royal Family News – As Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ Looms, Is Meghan Markle Considering Her Own Memoir?

Royal Family news reveals that, as Prince Harry’s blockbuster book “Spare” looks large over the monarchy, Meghan Markle is reportedly considering throwing her hat into the literary ring with her own memoir. Continue scrolling and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Royal Family News: Will Meghan Markle Leave No Stone Unturned?

Royal Family news reveals that, according to Marie Claire, Meghan and Harry’s Netflix docuseries out, and Prince Harry’s memoir down the pike for January, it is perhaps not surprising to some that there are reports of Meghan Markle penning her own memoir next. OK! reports that an insider close to the Sussexes tells us that the Duchess of Sussex is considering opening up about her time in the royal family and writing a memoir of her own.

A source told Radar Online that she “fully intends” to write her memoir and “leave no stone unturned.” Royal watchers were somewhat disappointed that “Harry & Meghan” wasn’t more revealing than it was, according to Marie Claire, Harry’s tell-all, “Spare,” is “widely expected” to be “more inflammatory” than the Netflix docuseries.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have More to Say

Next month, the world will finally learn what all the fuss is about over Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, which will be hitting bookshelves on January 10. The royal power couple’s six-part docuseries obviously didn’t go deep enough into the Harry and Meghan drama, and it seems the couple still has more to say about their life as Royal Family members.

Royal Family News – As Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ Looms, Is Meghan Markle Considering Her Own Memoir?

Prince Harry will get his chance soon enough, with his book, Spare, which is being ghostwritten by veteran biographer J.R. Moehringer. An insider close to the Sussexes is now saying that Meghan is “contemplating getting entirely candid about her time in the royal limelight, considering crafting a memoir of her own.”

What’s She Got to Lose?

“She fully intends to write this book and leave no stone unturned,” the source says. “It’s just a question of timing and how long she wishes to hold out in order to preserve what’s left of her and Harry’s relationship with King Charles.”

They added, though, that the Sussexes may still be mindful of “what they can still eke out of the monarchy in terms of titles and fringe benefits.” The source also added that with the fringe benefits from the couple’s previous works have been few and far between, there may be little in the way to stop Markle from spilling all the tea in a tell all of her own.

“The feeling at this point is there’s little to lose, and she may as well go ahead,” they said, emphasizing that “the process is already quietly underway.” Be sure and stay up to speed on this and other royally related stories. Return here often for more Royal Family news and updates.

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