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Royal Family News: At Which Estate is Queen Elizabeth II Most Happy?


Royal Family News: At Which Estate is Queen Elizabeth II Most Happy?Royal Family news reveals that Queen Elizabeth II, as most royal fans know, has many estates at which she can take up residence. But at which home is she “most happy?” Read on and we’ll let that cat out of the bag.

Royal Family News: The Queen’s Many Digs

Royal Family news reveals that, with so many estates she has used as home over the years, it’s curious which one the monarch would find the most satisfying. At least two of her residences are very public, very luxurious, and very official, yet a couple are, at times, more private, per Marie Claire.

There is Buckingham Palace, which has served as the Queen’s official residence for much of her 70-year reign. There is Windsor Castle, where the monarch recently and more permanently established herself.

According to Reader’s Digest, the Queen also stays at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh and Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland. There are many other royal estates that the Monarch simply doesn’t stay in. But the Queen’s “favourite” home away from home is one she rarely gets to spend time at, according to Express UK.

Steven Kaye Explains

Former Royal front man Steven Kaye told Slingo that “Balmoral and Sandringham [are] where the Queen is most relaxed because they are private residences,” explaining that “Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace are much more formal.”

Kaye doesn’t take long to get to the Queen’s favorite though, explaining, “without a doubt, the Queen’s favorite residence is Windsor, but I think she likes Balmoral as she can walk about with the dogs and nobody disturbs her.

Royal Family News: At Which Estate is Queen Elizabeth II Most Happy?

“She’ll tend to have the dogs with her for the first four weeks and then on staff changeover day, we would then have to fly the dogs back to Windsor.” Kaye then describes the dog’s trip back to Windsor, saying, “They’d get flown on the private jet to Northolt and a lady that lived on the Great Windsor Park would come and collect them,” he revealed.

History of Balmoral

Balmoral Estate lies on 50,000 acres (about twice the area of Manhattan) of Scottish countryside in Aberdeenshire, with 150 buildings including Birkhall, the estate of Prince Charles, as well as Craigowan Lodge, where the Queen always stays for a few days before moving on to the main castle once it is closed to the public.

The royal family’s history with Balmoral Estate dates back to the 19th century. There Queen Victoria and Prince Albert purchased a home in 1852. The royal couple quickly saw to the construction of an even larger home which was completed in 1856. The smaller home was then torn down, leaving the castle that remains today.

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