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Royal Family News: Body Language Expert Shares Intakes On Prince Harry’s Mood Towards His Family


 Royal Family News: Body Language Expert Shares Intakes On Prince Harry's Mood Towards His Family

I would have said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and his beloved wife Meghan Markle are once again at the center of every conversation but then, has there really been a time they aren’t?

With the recent release of their Netflix’s docuseries, “Harry & Meghan” which left the world in a bit of frenzy, the couple has once again found themselves being judged and applauded at once by both fans and critics.

What A Body Language Expert Has To Say

Following the release of “Harry & Meghan” on Thursday, Dec. 8, Nicki Swift exclusively had a body language expert Mark Bowden share his expertise on whether Prince Harry’s heart would be softening toward the Royal Family anytime soon.

In episode 2 of the recently released docu-series—which by the way was scheduled to drop in two parts, the first three episodes dropped on Thurs. Dec. 8, the last three will be dropping on Thurs. Dec. 15— Prince Harry detailed the challenges the women in the Royal Family faces for being married into the royal family.

Without mentioning names and pointing fingers, the clip showed pictures of Prince Harry’s mom the late Princess Diana, Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton, and Sarah Ferguson.

Prince Harry said, “As far as my family was concerned, everything that [Meghan] was being put through, they’d been put through as well, why should your girlfriend be treated any differently?” Asked the Duke of Sussex. Continuing, Harry said, “I said the difference here is the race element.”

Body language expert Bowden said that Harry’s body movements were all “in perfect time with his speech,” which means that Harry “does truly feel that the family saw no difference” Bowden noted that Harry, “sees that previous women were being given more status in this false equivalence.”

When Harry spoke about how poorly his late mother Princess Diana was treated, Bowden said, “Psychologically, there may be a deep and understandable desire to retrospectively protect his own mother by protecting his then girlfriend, now wife.”

 Royal Family News: Body Language Expert Shares Intakes On Prince Harry's Mood Towards His Family

Another Body Language Expert’s Insight

Nicki Swift invited another body language expert Nicole Moore to explain Meghan Markle’s body movements that were portrayed in one of the episodes of “Harry & Meghan.”

According to Moore, “Meghan takes a deep inhale at the start of the clip while her body remains stiff, indicating her nervousness,” while, “Harry, in contrast, has more relaxed shoulders. He is pensive while looking out the window but he actually appears to have less anxiety at this moment than Meghan does.”

Moore also noted that “Harry’s anxiety may be stemming mostly from how much Meghan’s anxiety affects him,” this is because “He’s worried not so much about himself as much as he’s worried about Meghan.”

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