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Royal Family News: Cheeky Camilla Jokes About Identity Politics


Royal Family News: Cheeky Camilla Jokes About Identity PoliticsCamilla, Duchess of Cornwall took a somewhat irreverent jab at identity politics in a speech given to guests there to celebrate the duchess 75th birthday party.

There were actors, musicians, and writers present at the champagne reception and sea bass were on the lunch menu Tuesday, July 13 at the National Liberal Club in Whitehall, per Yahoo! News. And though her opening brought an outburst of laughter to her eclectic audience, it is sure to leave some rights activists with a bad taste in their mouths. Continue reading and we’ll the aftermath.

Royal Family News – Comment Comes as Tory Leadership Brings Identity Politics

As the Duchess of Cornwall began her address, she automatically referenced pronouns, saying, “Ladies and gentlemen… if I’m allowed to call you that!” Though it was likely intended in a light-hearted way, it did cut right into the current debate about gender identity issues in the world today.

Many were quick to respond, justify, and even dismiss her speech, seemingly to avoid “getting caught up” in the culture war. However, the speech comes as identity politics is being discussed by Tory leadership candidates battling to replace Boris Johnson as prime minister.

Were Camilla’s Comments in Keeping with Irreverent Spirit of Annual Luncheon?

According to Express UK, Clarence House stated that it was up to everyone to interpret Camilla’s opening gambit. Aides, on the other hand, said that it was in keeping with the “irreverent” spirit of the luncheon, which was hosted by the presenter and author, Gyles Brandreth. Notably, Brandreth is also a friend of Camilla’s.

The event, which is held every year, was attended by 120 guests, a large crowd including Dame Joanna Lumley, Lord Lloyd Webber, and actors Jeremy Irons and Nigel Havers. Other notable attendees included Lucia Santa Cruz who introduced Prince Charles to Camilla in 1971, Sir Trevor McDonald, model Twiggy, and Felicity Kendal.

Royal Family News: Cheeky Camilla Jokes About Identity Politics

Royal Family News – Camilla Vows to Follow Charles’ Example

On the matter of Camilla’s irreverence Transport secretary, Grant Shapps said the country didn’t “need to get caught up” in a culture war over the issue. He added that people were far more interested in “bread and butter issues” such as the cost-of-living crisis.

Vowing to follow Prince Charles’ example on future royal duties, Camilla said, “The Duke of Edinburgh’s philosophy was clear: ‘Look up and look out, say less, do more – and get on with the job’ – and that is just what I intend to do.

“You might not believe it, but I have actually been trying to keep quiet about reaching three-quarters of a century – and, as you see, have failed dismally.”

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