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Royal Family News: Could Prince Harry and King Charles III’s Relationship be Redeemable?


Royal Family News: Could Prince Harry and King Charles III’s Relationship be Redeemable?

Royal Family news reveals that King Charles III and Prince Harry may be able to find a way back in each other’s good graces. Continue scrolling and we’ll discuss.

Royal Family News: Despite Problems, Things Could Improve

Royal Family news reveals that, according to SheKnows, things may not be as irreparable between the freshly minted monarch and his second son as the world once thought. No one is disputing that Harry and Meghan’s Netflix docuseries put the Sussex’s at greater odds with members of the Royal Family than they were before it dropped.

There has been a lot of speculation and a slew of reports about how certain members of the Royal family feel in the wake of the “Harry & Meghan” release. However, a new report seems to be suggesting that the monarch’s relationship with his youngest kid could improve, regardless of ongoing problems.

King Charles Extends Olive Branch

According to the Daily Mail’s Royals editor, Rebecca English there’s always going to be a chance to redeem the father and son relationship. While she says, most members of the family have made a “conscious decision” to not respond or get “bogged down” by all the accusations swirling about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the King is choosing to take the high road and keep an olive branch extended for Harry.

Amid all the drama that continues to swirl around the relationship between His Majesty and his second son, many still hope that there will always be a chance, even if it’s tiny, that the two will be able to repair their broken bond.

Royal Family News: Could Prince Harry and King Charles III’s Relationship be Redeemable?

We’ll Know More when Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ Drops

The Duke of Sussex made it fairly clear in his Netflix docuseries that his relationships with a few members of the Royal Family have become complicated. However, after all, that the Harry & Meghan docuseries brought to light, the news that King Charles will “always keep the door open” for his redheaded, second son is uplifting, to say the least.

But, as well all know, the bond between father and son is not one easily dissolved. So, what about the one between King Charles and his daughter-in-law, Meghan Markle? And who is to be the one to take the first step? Is that onus on the Duke of Sussex or will Charles make the concession?

We’ll likely know more about the condition of this father and son bond once Harry’s memoir “Spare” drops in January and the dust finally settles. There will assuredly be more updates to follow. Be sure and stay up to speed on this and other royally related stories. Return here often for more royal family news and updates.

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