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Royal Family News – Experts Weigh in On Changes King Charles is Facing Following 74th Birthday


Royal Family News – Experts Weigh in On Changes King Charles is Facing Following 74th Birthday

Royal Family news reveals that an expert is weighing in on some of the changes King Charles III could be facing following his 74th birthday. Read on and we’ll give you the low down.

Royal Family News: King Charles is a Much Older Monarch

Royal Family news reveals that per Yahoo!, King Charles III is facing some challenges as he passed his 74th birthday. His mother Queen Elizabeth II was barely in her 20s when she ascended the throne – a great deal younger than King Charles is now (via Best Life).

The newly minted sovereign, who turned 74 yesterday, is the fifth oldest royal to take the throne since 1603. Aside from being a little older, the new king’s first year on the throne is going to present some challenges (via Reuters).

If Charles can overcome the challenges he’s soon to face, he may well win the adoration of his public. According to the Telegraph, there are three challenges the King will soon face that are paramount.

King Charles Must Remain Politically Neutral

One of the biggest challenges the King will have to handle is avoiding the political arena and any matters that may be perceived as such. As royal watchers know, a major rule for royals is to avoid taking stances regarding political issues or siding with one party or another.

This necessity includes the matter of climate change. Experts point out that this is why Prime Minister Liz Truss advised the King to miss the Cop27 Summit in Egypt.

King Charles Needs to Avoid Intense Debate, Say the Experts

Experts point out that, in the future, there will be “intense debate” about issues such as climate change as certainty about energy reserves continues. This is especially true with the imposition of sanctions on Russia and increasing anger throughout the UK over what climate activists consider to be “slow progress on environmental policy.”

Royal Family News – Experts Weigh in On Changes King Charles is Facing Following 74th Birthday

The experts also point out that the King needs to remain “publicly silent.” While the monarch may be committed to causes privately, it is crucial that he remain publicly silent. “We have to do things differently now. The protocols have changed,” a source close to King Charles said. Instead, they say, he should focus on traveling, and meeting people within his own monarchy to strengthen bonds.

King Charles Will Need to balance Tradition with Progression

Another important challenge faced by the King is how he approaches his coronation on May 6, 2023. How that goes down will repo0rtedly reflect on his overall approach to the monarchy as well as how things have evolved since Queen Elizabeth was crowned.

He has to find the perfect balance between tradition and progressiveness. Be sure and stay up to speed on this and all royally related stories. Return here often for more Royal Family news and updates.

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