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Royal Family News: How Prince Charles Plans to ‘Slim Down’ the Family Once He’s King


Royal Family News: How Prince Charles Plans to ‘Slim Down’ the Family Once He’s KingThough not yet King, the Prince of Wales is already imagining ways he will change the royal family once he ascends to the throne.

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti revealed to Us Weekly, that it’s rumored the heir apparent, though not yet King, already has plans in the works to “slim down the working royals at the core of the family” once he sits on the throne. Continue reading and we’ll fill you in on details.

Royal Family News: Some Royal Family Structural Changes Already Happened

The royal family has already undergone some tectonic shifts in recent years, but Sacerdoti thinks the future King will make changes more formally, so the changes don’t seem like happenstance or the “result of circumstances.”

One of those changes, of course, would be the exit of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle which was announced in early 2020. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex who married in 2018, announced that their royal departure was permanent in February 2021.

Royal Family News: Harry Notes Charles and William are Trapped

The couple has spoken extensively since then about the difficulties they endured while still working royals. In March of 2021, the 37-year-old prince sat with CBS to give a bombshell interview where he revealed that both his father Prince Charles and his brother William, were “trapped” in the royal family.

Then, earlier this year, Prince Charles’ brother Andrew was stripped of his royal trappings as he was facing a sexual assault lawsuit leveled at him by Virginia Guiffre. The 62-year-old Duke of York settled that case out of court last month for an amount rumored to be as much as $15 million.

Royal Family News: How Prince Charles Plans to ‘Slim Down’ the Family Once He’s King

Royal Family News: Queen’s Health Scares

Sacerdoti believes that Charles is “looking forward to being the king.” The royal expert explained that the prince and his eldest son have always been hard workers for the Crown and that the two were already getting accustomed to the job for the time when they are monarchs.

As royals, fans know the Queen canceled several appearances in October 2021 after a night in the hospital. More recently the Queen tested positive for COVID-19 after catching it from her son, Charles, who was battling the disease for the second time.

Fortunately, the Queen recovered quickly from the disease and was seen as recently as Sunday, February 27, spending time with other members of the royal family. Be sure and stay apprised of all things royal and return here often for more spoilers, news, and updates.

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