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Royal Family News: Is Meghan Markle Trying to Mess Up the Royal Family?


Royal Family News: Is Meghan Markle Trying to Mess Up the Royal Family?Royal Family news reveals that a well-known dress designer for Princess Diana has assessed Meghan Markle’s motives and concluded that she is “trying to mess up the royal family.” Continue reading and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Royal Family News: Reflecting on Princess Diana

Royal Family news reveals that David Emanuel, one half of the design team that created several of Princess Diana’s most iconic dresses in the 1980s, recently weighed in on Princes William and Harry’s relationship. According to Newsweek, Emanuel discussed how he thinks Diana would have responded to what’s going on these days.

On Wednesday, August 31, 25 years after the tragic accident that took Princess Diana’s life, Emmanuel sat down with GB News host Dan Wootton, who recently hosted TLC’s Say Yes to The Dress U.K., referring to the solemn anniversary as “a day of reflection.” He added that it had been “lovely to see people putting flowers down and remembering” the princess he dubbed an “icon of empathy.”

Would Meghan Markle Have Shocked Princes Diana?

“I think she would be deeply shocked,” Emanual said of Diana’s potential reaction to the reported royal falling-out that has transpired between her two sons.

“I think if she was alive it wouldn’t have happened with the two brothers. She wouldn’t have allowed it,” he said. “She’d have smoothed the waters.”

When Wootton, a known critic of the Sussexes, asked what Princess Diana would have thought of Harry’s choice in bride, Emanuel responded, asking, “What, the American woman?”

Can’t Utter Meghan Markle’s Name?

Emanuel continued, albeit with a little disdain, saying, “we’ve got Prince William who’s doing a splendid job and we’ve got Harry Windsor in America with an American woman who is driving everybody nuts.” He claimed that Meghan had “messed up her own family,” and that she was now “trying to mess up the Royal Family.”

Royal Family News: Is Meghan Markle Trying to Mess Up the Royal Family?

Royal Watchers will recall, Emanuel has openly castigated Markle “the American woman” before. In July, a Daily Mail columnist asked Emanuel for his thoughts on the Duchess of Sussex, and he quipped, “You mean the American woman? I can’t utter the name now.”

Not the First Slam for Meghan Markle

In that same exchange, the designer took aim at Markle’s Chrisitan Dior dress chosen for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee service in June. He said that the royal weas “channeling Wally Simpson and “looked and if she was in a nurse’s uniform.”

For those not in the know, the Wally Simpson reference was a nod to Wallis Simpson, the woman for whom King Edward VIII abdicated his throne for in 1936 and who, after her marriage, became the Duchess of Windsor. Be sure and return here frequently for all your Royal Family news and updates.

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  1. Patricia says

    The Royal Family as a whole do so very, very many unsung things all over the country. They just quietly get on with opening Hospital’s, Church Fete’s and many, many charitable occasions, without needing to wear the very latest fashion and with big time publicity. Sadly For Megan Markle it seems to be all about ME, ME, ME, in the latest fashion and “LOOK at ME, aren’t I just wonderful!”
    I for one could do without seeing Megan, but it would be lovely to see Prince Harry. And ARE there any children?

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