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Royal Family News: Is Princess Eugenie First in Line To Meet Harry’s Baby Lilibet?


Royal Family News: Is Princess Eugenie First in Line To Meet Harry’s Baby Lilibet?

British royal family news divulges that Princess Eugenie is thought to be at the front of the royal line when to comes to being introduced to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s daughter Lilibet. The baby was born in June and it’s been reported that she sent a congratulatory message to the couple following the birth.

Princess Eugenie is also on record as being one of the people signed on to Meghan’s 40×40 initiative which was launched by Meghan on her birthday. The scheme encourages people to give 40 minutes of their time to help out women re-entering the workforce. It is not known how much time, or money, Meghan and Harry themselves have actually donated to the cause.

Royal Family News: Is Eugenie First in Line?

There’s another reason why Eugenie might take precedence over the rest of the royals in meeting Lilibet. She is staying in the couple’s discarded cottage, no doubt tampering down the furor that erupted after they chose to shun the taxpayer-funded pad which they demanded be renovated.

Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor is months old yet the public have not gotten a glimpse of the girl although it’s thought that the runaway royals may have, “shared the first photo” of their little girl with the Royal Family.

Her PR thirsty parents have ensured that Lilibet is headline news despite their coy demands for privacy. Upon her birth the pair, who have never met a donation they don’t like, asked for charity on her behalf. They did the same with their son, and Meghan cemented the family tradition by asking for donations on her birthday in August.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry is Full of Demands

The parents have embroiled their daughter in another imbroglio by reportedly demanding to have her christened with the queen present. The Sun reported that after the Sussexes expressed their desire to use Westminster Abbey for the service and that Her Majesty be present, some courtiers were “shocked” by the brazen request.

Royal Family News: Is Princess Eugenie First in Line To Meet Harry’s Baby Lilibet?

After all, this is the same couple who trashed his family to Oprah Winfrey in a salacious tell-all in March.

A source told the outlet of Harry and Meghan that many, “are shocked by the sheer nerve,” of them adding that, “The Queen is still very fond of Harry, and would love to see Lilibet and her brother Archie.

Royal Family News: Eugenie Lives in Frogmore Cottage

If the Markle’s do return to the UK, royal experts think it’s a cinch that they would stay at the pile they rejected, the one now inhabited by Eugenie and her family.

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    Why are you so hateful to Harry and Meghan, they are just two people trying to live their lives and people like this site just try their best to knock them down at every turn. I am glad they left England, they are not bothering any one.
    Look at Prince Andrew he is an alleged pedophile but you don’t treat him like you treat these two people, they just can’t seem to right by you people.

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