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Royal Family News – John Oliver Takes Monarchy to the Matt on “Last Week Tonight”


Royal Family News - John Oliver Takes Monarchy to the Matt on “Last Week Tonight”

Royal Family news reveals that John Oliver doesn’t mince words when he wonders why the monarchy even exists. Read on and we’ll give you the low down.

Royal Family News: John Oliver Questions Value of The Monarchy

Royal Family news reveals that, according to Huff Post, John Oliver went after the British Royal establishment on Sunday and even went so far as to question why it even exists. The “Last Week Tonight” host didn’t pull any proverbial punches when he referred to the King as “a man whose face answers the question: What if two cousins had a kid?”

Oliver, who made a name for himself writing for “The Daily Show with John Stewart”, used the recent shifting of power within the monarchy to begin calling into question the value or purpose of the entire Royal Family. notably, the family is raking in the bucks — including a $100 million sovereign grant paid by taxpayers — all while ordinary Brits struggled amid rising costs.

John Oliver Suggests Royal Family Atone for Its Past

“The royal family’s wealth ― unlike its gene pool ― is massive,” The Emmy-winning comedian said, calling The Firm “a freeloading multimillionaire family exempt from paying most taxes.” Oliver reportedly went on for almost half an hour explaining the history of the monarchy and the ugly origins of what he called their “massive” wealth. He also pointed out what little they have done to atone for their past.

“They’ve continued working hard to be perceived as a mere symbol, while never taking responsibility for what that symbol excused,” he said, adding that throughout it all, they ignored the calls for “true apologies and reparations” for those who suffered “tremendously” because of things done in the name of the Royal Family.

Oliver noted that most British citizens are okay with keeping the Royal Family in power. However, he added that even those who support The Firm should be conscious of its history.

Royal Family News - John Oliver Takes Monarchy to the Matt on “Last Week Tonight”

Royal Family Inextricably Linked to Slavery

“You don’t have to hate the royal family personally,” Oliver said, before suggesting that viewers Google “Prince Phillip racism” or “Prince Andrew everything” and see what the search brings. The comedian addressed the monarchy’s role in slavery via their interests in the Royal African Company.

Speaking of the role King Charles III’s ancestors had in the slave trade, Oliver said, “I do get that people shouldn’t be held responsible for whatever their ancestors did, but trying to ask about the British role in the slave trade without talking about the monarchy is sort of like trying to talk about Jeffrey Epstein without talking about the monarchy [pointing to Epstein’s friendship with Prince Andrew], they are inextricably linked however uncomfortable they might find that fact”(via The Guardian).

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