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Royal Family News – Kate Middleton Photo Change Sparks Outrage, Royal Fans Call It Ghastly


Royal Family News – Kate Middleton Photo Change Sparks Outrage, Royal Fans Call It Ghastly

Royal Family news reveals that a UK tabloid is taking heat for a photo of Kate Middleton that appears to have been altered. Read on and we’ll tell you why, according to 7 News, fans are calling it “ghastly.”

Royal Family News: From Thoughtful to Ghastly

Royal Family news reveals that The Mirror published a story about the Royal Family attending a Remembrance Day service on Sunday. However, royal watchers were quick to point out the alteration, slamming the paper for the photo in which the image of the Princess of Wales appeared significantly different from its original version.

Readers and fans quickly began calling out the outlet, accusing it of photoshopping the image, making the princess appear “ghastly”. The original snap shows Catherine looking thoughtful and reflective with pursed lips. The updated version looked appallingly different.

Royal Watchers React to Kate Middleton Image

In the new version of the image, the princess appears with deep bags beneath her eyes and deep lines around her jaw and neck. Side by side the two photos appear decidedly different with the updated version giving the Princess of Wales a much older appearance.

Soon thereafter fans took to social media and began questioning whether or not the alteration was a deliberate move by the publication.

One Twitter user pondered, “What in the ever loving god did they do to Princess Catherine’s picture?”

“When I saw an image of Kate doing the rounds of Twitter, I thought it was Photoshopped,” another wrote.

“Surely Kate Middleton doesn’t look like this?”

“The Mirror must think we are stupid,” one angry twitterer wrote, placing the two pictures side-by-side to illustrate the differences.

Royal Family News – Kate Middleton Photo Change Sparks Outrage, Royal Fans Call It Ghastly

Fans Opine ‘You Can’t Erase True Beauty

The moment in question saw the Prince and Princess of Wales, King Charles III, and Camilla, Queen Consort at London’s Cenotaph for the somber ceremony that honors armed forces members who lost their lives in war.

Kensington Palace has yet to respond to the furor swirling around the photograph. For their part, The Mirror is also keeping quiet about the accusation that it altered the image used on its cover.

Readers, however, could deduce that the changes were made to highlight the terrible sadness of the occasion. Royal watchers, on the other hand, aren’t buying what The Mirror is selling. Many called the rag a left-wing tabloid “with a bias for overseas” while others noted that the joke would be on The Mirror, praising the princess. “The next time Catherine appears, she’ll be her usual gorgeous self. Can’t erase true beauty.”

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  1. Lyn says

    King Charles is not getting all the attention that he longs for. I read where Catherine is not allowed a full photo now because she is much more popular than King Charles and that upset him. She can’t help she was born beautiful. King Charles can’t help his looks. We have to take what the good Lord gives us .King Charles has never been popular and that will not change just because he is now King.

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