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Royal Family News: King Charles II and Family Pose for New Portrait


Royal Family News: King Charles II and Family Pose for New Portrait


Royal Family news reveals that King Charles, Queen Consort Camilla, Prince William, and Princess Kate all posed for a new portrait on the eve of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Read on and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Royal Family News: Family in Mourning

Royal Family news reveals, Buckingham Palace recently unveiled a new Royal Family portrait. The new image, released Saturday, per Cosmopolitan Magazine, presents King Charles III, Queen Consort Camila, and the Prince and Princess of Wales as the new core of the Royal Family.

Harper’s Bazaar reports that the new photo, taken with the family dressed in all black mourning attire, was taken at Buckingham Palace the evening before Her Majesty’s funeral and just ahead of the reception held for heads of state and overseas guests.


PEOPLE Magazine reports that Charles, 73, was officially proclaimed King of the United Kingdon in a televised ceremony on September 10. In the ceremony, the Accession Council officially proclaimed Charles king in the State Apartments of St. James Palace in London.

Witnessed by Prince William – now the Prince of Wales – and Camilla, Queen Consort, the proclamation was read to the Privy Council; senior Cabinet ministers, judges, and leaders of the Church of England, in the palace’s Picture Gallery:

“The crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is solely and rightfully come to the Prince Charles Philip Arthur George,” the clerk to the council read.

“We… do now hereby with one voice and consent of tongue and heart publish and proclaim that the Prince Charles Philip Arthur George is now by the death of our late Sovereign of happy memory become our only lawful and rightful liege lord, Charles III.”

Royal Family News: King Charles II and Family Pose for New Portrait

Back to Work

In September, a moving portrait of the new Sovereign was unveiled, showing the newly appointed King Charles at work in Buckingham Palace with the famous red box of documents, just three days after Queen Elizabeth’s death.

In the scene, we see Charles in the place the world has grown accustomed to seeing Elizabeth in, sitting at the desk attending to the daily dispatch of papers from leaders around, not just the UK and Commonwealth, but the world.

Behind the King, a black and white photograph of the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip rests. The image was a gift given by the late couple to the Queen’s father, King George VI at Christmas 1951 – the last one before King George’s death the following year.

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