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Royal Family News: King Charles III has Princess Anne Put Princes Harry and Andrew in Their Places


Royal Family News: King Charles III has Princess Anne Put Princes Harry and Andrew in Their PlacesRoyal family news reveals that Princess Ann was “enlisted” by King Charles III to deal with brother Prince Andrew and nephew Prince Harry’s baggage. Read on and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Royal Family New: King Charles III to Business at Hand

Royal Family news reveals that, following the death of Queen Elizabeth and the funeral that followed, the new King has been focused on accession to the throne. The peaceful passing of the Queen and the brief unity the moment brought to the Royal Family was soon replaced with some command decisions by the King, per Gloucestershire News.

The Gloucestershire-based royal, known for her no-nonsense attitude, is reportedly being required to step up and fill the substantial shoes of her late father Prince Phillip, per Charlotte Griffiths, Editor at Large for the Mail on Sunday. Phillip, who passed on in 2021 often dealt with issues among royals and, it is thought, that Princess Royal is preparing to channel her father’s spirit to confront her brother Prince Andrew as well as her nephew Prince Harry.

Princess Anne Submitted to Replace Prince Phillip’s Role

Up to this point, it has been feared that Anne’s role following the death of the Queen would be downgraded by King Charles once he took the throne. However, according to Express UK, it is now thought that the King could enlist his sister to handle controversial family members.

This idea was reportedly suggested by a Palace Confidential viewer. PC host Jo Elvin said, “On the question of who can handle family matters on behalf of Charles, one viewer told us Anne would be a ‘viable replacement’ for Philip.”

Kiernan then wrote, “She has the right temperament, and as the second eldest sibling of the king, she is the only one that could put both Andrew and Harry in their places.”

Royal Family News: King Charles III has Princess Anne Put Princes Harry and Andrew in Their Places

Someone to Knock Heads Together

Mail on Sundays Editor Charlotte Griffiths “totally agreed” with Kiernan’s suggestion, joking, “When he says the right temperament for the job, does he mean total battle axe? We love her for that. That no-nonsense royal that we are missing after Philip.

“I think we need someone to knock their heads together. I’m thinking Harry here, probably Andrew too. We need that in the Royal Family.” This, of course, comes as it has come to light that the Queen’s death certificate was signed by Princess Royal who also happened to be Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter.

Princess Anne and her husband Sir Timothy Laurence, traveled with the Queen’s coffin as it made its way from Balmoral in Scotland to rest in London. Be sure and stay up to speed on all things royal. Return here often for more Royal Family news and updates.

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