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Royal Family News – King Charles III Shows Rare Side in New Family Portrait


Royal Family News – King Charles III Shows Rare Side in New Family Portrait


Royal Family news reveals King Charles III posed alongside his wife Queen Consort Camilla, his son Prince William and his wife Catherine Princess of Wales for a new Royal family portrait. However, something was very different. Read on and we’ll give you the low down.

Royal Family News: Portrait of Morning Has More to Say

Royal Family news reveals that the Royal family recently took to their official Instagram page and shared a fresh image of King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla standing beside Prince William and Princess Kate at Buckingham Palace.

The four royals are all dressed similarly, in black suits and dresses, to mark the official mourning period for Queen Elizabeth II. Hello! Magazine reports that the shot was taken while the royals were hosting heads of state on September 18 the night before Her Majesty’s funeral.

There was reportedly something more to the image that might be readily noticed, and it made the image all the more meaningful.

Everyone is Laid Back

Despite the historical significance of the image, King Charles took on a more relaxed approach. He can be seen standing comfortably, with one arm confidently wrapped around the Queen Consort and the other placed gingerly in his suit pocket.

It is very rare to see such a display of affection from a monarch and may reflect something of what the public can expect to see from this new generation of royals – as it’s also worth noting that the Princess of Wales also seems to be projecting the same laid-back stance as her father-in-law.

Body Language Expert Weighs In

Express UK had the opportunity to speak with body language expert Judi James who examined the image and analyzed the four royal’s poses. According to James, “The body language and the construction of this pose creates a message of poignancy and continuity.

Royal Family News – King Charles III Shows Rare Side in New Family Portrait

“When the Queen ascended to the throne the image was of one small but confident woman with her husband standing in a supporting role. Here though we have two royal males, one older but with his son directly beside him in a pose that signals strength and physical power.”

She added that “William’s splayed legs, clasped hands, and head tilts” defined a man “politely in waiting” which reflected his new role as heir apparent.

“As a gently affectionate tie-sign, it signals what is clearly hoped to be an end to marital rifts and soap opera. The sense of solidity is generational but also marital. The evenness of the line-up also places William and Catherine in direct unity with Charles and, most importantly, Queen Camilla.

“William looks relatively relaxed here and his head tilt is aimed towards Charles and Camilla, which could be an important non-verbal message of unity to Harry, who is rumored to still have a less than happy relationship with Camilla.”

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