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Royal Family News: King Charles III Was Jealous of Kate Middleton New Book Reveals


Royal Family News: King Charles III Was Jealous of Kate Middleton New Book RevealsRoyal Family news reveals that several books about the Royal family have just hit bookshelves including one “The New Royals” by author Katie Nichol in which she sheds a keen light on the tense relationship between King Charles and Kate Middleton. Read on and we’ll give you the low down.

Royal Family News: Kate Middleton Steals the Show

Royal Family news reveals that then-Prince Charles didn’t quite appreciate the level of attention that his daughter-in-law got from, as Yahoo! Calls it, “being so stylish.” Why in the world could the future king have gotten jealous over that?

Well, apparently Middlton reminded him of his experience with his late wife Princess Diana. Diana often stole media attention from Charles, and he reportedly didn’t like that too much either.

King Charles Failed to Understand Kate Middleton’s Appeal

Glamour Magazine reports that Charles was jealous that Kate’s style was so popular in the press and feared it would overshadow his own “good deeds.”

“Her star immediately eclipsed her husband’s, causing early fractures in their relationship,” Nicholl wrote in her new book. “The diligent, sensitive, and status-conscious Charles found it hard to understand. He could not see that in the new media age, being a royal-born prince and future king was a lesser currency than his wife’s megawatt beauty and disposition.”

Entertainment Tonight reports that with the arrival of Kate Middleton into the family Charles once again had to compete for media attention. According to The List, there had already been rumors that there was friction between King Charles and Kate and that those rumors continued after Kate and William’s marriage in 2011.

Prince Charles Felt Threatened – Will King Charles Move On?

A PopSugar report from 2018 revealed that, even then, royal biographer Tom Bower made claims in the unauthorized biography, Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles that indicated Charles felt “threatened” by Kate. Charles reportedly felt that his son and daughter-in-law’s “rising popularity” did not bode well for him.

In Nicholl’s book, she writes that Charles “was sometimes irritated that Kate’s frocks got more attention than his good works. He also had been hurt by not seeing as much of his Cambridge grandchildren as he might have liked.”

Now that the prince is a King, it is starting to seem as though Charles is perhaps ready and willing to leave the past in the past and move forward. Will King Charles III now be the beneficiary of the public eye or will the new Prince and Princess of Wales and their three children continue to hold the public’s interest?

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