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Royal Family News: King Charles Will Always Keep the Door the Open for Prince Harry Claims Expert


Royal Family News: King Charles Will Always Keep the Door the Open for Prince Harry Claims Expert

Royal Family news reveals that, in spite of the continued drama and apprehension, King Charles III will likely always keep the door open for his second son, Prince Harry. Read on and we’ll discuss.

Royal Family News: King Charles III Will Always Extend Olive Branch

Royal Family news reveals that, according to Cosmopolitan, in the midst of all the drama surrounding Harry and Meghan — from the release of their Netflix docuseries “Harry & Meghan” to the impending drop of Harry’s tell-all memoir “Spare” — there will always be a chance for the Duke of Sussex to reconcile with his father.

According to royal correspondent, Rebecca English, royal watchers should always expect Harry’s father will “always keep the door open” for him (per Express UK). Hopefully, the olive branch will also extend to Meghan Markle.

Royal Family Hass No Offical Response to Harry & Meghan

However, it is said that Buckingham Palace will not be sucked into a “constant tit-for-tat” over the Harry and Mehgan’s docuseries released on Netflix earlier this month, or the issues it raises. Royal Correspondent Rebecca English recently opined that the King “has made a very conscious decision that this is his son, he loves him.”

On the other hand, we can probably and officially give up on any sort of official or direct response to the Sussex’s docuseries or any other related drama. English told the Daily Mail that the Royal family has made a “conscious decision, all of them together, to not respond, to not get bogged down on this — they’ve got a busy end of the year to just Keep Calm and Carry on.”

Princes Harry and William’s Relationship Quite Sad

The expert also offered observations about the most recent bouts of Royal Drama. For example, Harry and his elder brother Prince William’s situation she called “actually quite sad.” Per English, the fact that Harry and Will are exchanging important information via text, instead of phone calls, shows how bad their relationship has become.

Royal Family News: King Charles Will Always Keep the Door the Open for Prince Harry Claims Expert

It’s a very sad situation when two brothers aren’t even talking and that’s how they communicate now—if at all,” she said. And even though they collectively decided not to respond to claims the Sussex’s made in their docuseries, The Firm does reportedly have thoughts on the matter.

Despite Silence, Royal Family is Angry and Hurt

Though they collectively decided to not give an official response to claims made in “Harry & Meghan,” they are aware of them and they’re “angry and very hurt” about some of what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said in their series, according to English.

English, a prominent royal correspondent, has a perspective that’s probably as close as we’re going to get, and she says that both sides have erred. Be sure and stay up to speed with this and other royally related stories. Return here often for more Royal Family news and updates.

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