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Royal Family News: King Charles Will Ice Out Prince Harry If He Drags Camilla In ‘Spare’?


Royal Family News: King Charles Will Ice Out Prince Harry If He Drags Camilla In 'Spare'?

British royal family news divulges that King Charles’ appetite for backtalk from his man-child son Harry is waning if sources are to be believed. Insiders are claiming that the regent, “will close the door on Prince Harry if he criticises Camilla in his new book Spare,” according to the Daily Mail.

Next week Harry and Meghan’s trashy Netflix reality show drops and in January Harry’s bombshell memoir debuts. Royal experts are opining that both will be full of doggerel about how awful the brats were treated while taking his father’s and the taxpayer’s dollars while living large at the palace.

Royal Family News: Harry’s Bombastic Memoir

As such, “Senior royals are said to be bracing themselves for the controversial publication of the 416-page title on January 10.” At the same time, royal pundit Phil Dampier thinks King Charles is dunzo with his son’s idiocy, saying there is a, “red line.”

According to him, if Harry criticizes Camilla or blames Charles, “he will pass the ‘point of no return.”

Dampier told The Express, “I am sure it is right that Charles will go to great lengths to maintain a relationship with Harry but there is a limit.”

Royal Family News: Harry’s Memoir Controversy

In other words, the devoted dad is thought to be prepared to forgive Harry for many things, but not for dragging his beloved second wife, Harry’s stepmother Camilla.

Dampier added, “If Harry’s account of his parents’ divorce is too critical of Camilla, or places too much blame at Charles’s door while painting his mother as a saint, that will be the point of no return.”

Royal Family News: King Charles Will Ice Out Prince Harry If He Drags Camilla In 'Spare'?

“At that point what sanctions are on offer? What choice do they have but to say, OK, you’ve crossed a line here and there is no way back. It’s time to go your own way, but not as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.’”

Royal Family News: Harry and Meghan On Thin Ice

Dampier also thinks that following Queen Elizabeth’s death on September 8, and based on the cuple’s wretched Netflix reality show trailer, “Harry and Meghan’s rift with William and Kate will ‘get worse.’”

Last week a preview trailer led royal experts to believe that H and M now intend to lash out at the monarchy and his family, with no hopes for a cease fire even as the holidays descend. What else would be expected of the couple who dissed his family to Oprah Winfrey while Harry’s grandfather Prince Philip dying in the hospital in 2021?

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