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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Must Apologize to a Judge For “Forgetting” A Crucial Fact


Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Must Apologize to a Judge For “Forgetting” A Crucial FactBritish royal family news reveals that oops, she did it again. Lie is such a harsh word let’s use “forgot” instead, shall we? Thus our Meghan Markle faux pas for today involves her having to apologize to a judge for “forgetting” that she, “told a royal aide to brief the authors of the Finding Freedom biography.” According to the Daily Mail, it simply slipped her mind that she connected up her biographers with her aide, for the sole purpose of sharing information for the book. And I have some ocean front property for sale in Arizona if you believe that.

Royal Family News: Meghan Seems to Forget a Lot

Meghan strenuously insisted that she and her house husband Harry did not cooperate with the two writers of their biography. Now she says she “forgot” she told her aide what to say, “when you sit down with them.”

Meghan’s recollections are all over the place hazy. This was proved after she said several ludicrous not to mention bizarre things during her trash talk marathon with Oprah Winfrey. The number of things she said that were not true is astounding and seemingly growing by the day.

What exactly did Meghan forget? She “forgot” that she emailed her then communications secretary, Jason Knauf, a detailed briefing note on, “December 10, 2018, with “helpful” background “reminders” about her estranged family and her version of events of a tiara incident involving the Queen,” according to the Daily Mail.

Royal Family News: Meghan Is Backtracking in Her Stilettos

I’m no lawyer but isn’t that related to perjury? Before her confession she, “strenuously denied she and Harry fed information to the authors of what the court heard was a ‘relentlessly flattering’ biography.”

But when Knauf who made a contradictory statement to the court: ‘The book was discussed directly with the duchess multiple times in person and over email. The duke and duchess authorized specific co-operation in writing in December 2018.,” Meghan suddenly remembered (remembered what the penalty for perjury is?).

Royal Family News: Did Meghan Markle Commit Perjury?

She took the time, based on advice from her lawyers no doubt, to tell the judge: “In the light of the information and documents that Mr. Knauf has provided, I accept that Mr. Knauf did provide some information to the authors for the book and that he did so with my knowledge.”

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Must Apologize to a Judge For “Forgetting” A Crucial Fact

What are the juicy details Meghan instructed Knauf feed the biographers? This is the tripe Meghan wrote out in third person: “They were teenagers when they moved into her parents’ home prior to Meghan being born. Doria left Tom when Meghan was two years old. His other children were 15 and 17 years old. Tom Jr and Samantha dropped out of high school and moved out of their father’s home the same year.

Meghan saw them a handful of times when she was under the age of 5 then again when she was 11 years old. Meghan has never had a relationship with either of them; she was always referred to as an only child by both her parents… because the half siblings were not in the picture (by their own choice).

And yet her family have shared tons of pics of Meghan with her family including the brother and sister she couldn’t have had if she were an only child. Revisionist history perhaps?

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