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Royal Family News: Monarchy Given Veto Power Over Queen’s Funeral Footage


Royal Family News: Monarchy Given Veto Power Over Queen’s Funeral Footage

Royal Family news reveals that British television stations gave Buckingham Palace a veto on footage from Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral shining a light on the complex relationship the media shares with The Firm.

Royal Family News: Acquiescence Causes Consternation Among Journalists

Royal Family news reveals that British television channels have given the monarchy the right to request certain footage from the Queen’s funeral services at Westminster Abbey as well as at Windsor Castle, not be used again. The Guardian reports that messages were sent to certain networks like BBC, ITV, and Sky News that included timestamped footage that they wanted to be excluded from broadcasts and social media clips moving forward.

Five short pieces of video featuring certain members of the royal family have been subsequently removed from circulation. The decision to give the palace that choice has caused concern among some journalists who helped produce the footage.

This sheds light on a continuing tension at British media outlets over marking the death of a major international figure on one hand and allowing their coverage to be molded by the Royal Family. The palace gave input on what footage and photography was considered admissible, particularly when intruding on the grief of members of the Royal Family.

Queen’s Funeral: A Flawless Demonstration

Despite, as Independent UK reports, crowds disrupting Her Majesty’s funeral procession and pushing through police lines to glimpse the casket, the Queen’s funeral is sending an “artful” message about the monarchy. According to the Washington Post, the Queen’s funeral procession ultimately gave the impression of a well-oiled machine or the workings of a great ticking clock.

What Her Majesty’s funeral said most clearly was, nothing has ended. The monarchy’s ancient heritage lives on, and, despite ongoing tensions, the Royal Family is still a united front.

Indubitably, Monday’s procession felt so timeless and steeped in history, one might’ve expected to witness princes and princesses dressed in the royal garb of oil paintings and fairy tales – flowing gowns and velvet waistcoats.

Royal Family News: Monarchy Given Veto Power Over Queen’s Funeral Footage

The influence of the British military was paramount — the procession was a flawless demonstration with every branch represented with colorful regalia. And, as was expected, all members of the Royal Family were decked out in military uniforms – save two: Princes Andrew and Harry.

The Two Princes

Painfully prominent in their morning suits were the royal veterans forbidden to appear publicly in uniform. There was Prince Harry, who walked away from his Royal duties with his wife Meghan Markle in 2020. And then there was the sex scandal-plagued Prince Andrew, stripped of his military patronages in the wake of the sex abuse case brought against him which he settled, despite maintaining his innocence.

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