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Royal Family News: Note Predicting Princess Diana’s Death Kept Secret for 6 Years


Royal Family News: Note Predicting Princess Diana’s Death Kept Secret for 6 YearsRoyal Family news reveals that a note, written by Princess Diana, predicting her own death is featured in a new Channel 4 documentary series, “Investigating Diana: Death in Paris” which will debut ahead of the 25th anniversary of Lady Di’s death. Keep reading and we’ll fill in the details.

Royal Family News: Where did the Note Come From?

Royal Family news reveals that a note in which Princess Diana suggests she could be killed in a staged car crash was only forwarded to French investigators six years after the tragic accident that killed her, according to The Independent.

A new documentary series, Investigating Diana: Death in Paris refers to the “Mishcon Note,” written by the Princess of Wales’ legal advisor back in 1995. It is reportedly an account of what Diana said during a meeting with Victor Mishcon and her personal private secretary at the time.

The New York Post reported that, while the Princess had claimed “reliable sources” obtained the information and gave it to her, she kept their identity under wraps. The Mishcon note reportedly provided insight into what might have led to that fateful day on August 31, 1997, in Paris’ Pont de l’Alma tunnel.

What’s in the Note?

According to the Mirror, Diana delivered this information to her lawyer Lord Mishcon two years before her death in the terrible car crash that also took the lives of her boyfriend Dodi Fayed, and driver Henri Paul. Lord Mishcon handed the note over to the Metropolitan police; however, it wasn’t until six years later that the note would end up in the hands of Scotland Yard chiefs.

The note alleges that Diana said a source told her there would be efforts to “get rid of her” before April 1996 and would take the shape of a car accident that would injure or kill the princess.

Royal Family News: Note Predicting Princess Diana’s Death Kept Secret for 6 Years

What Happened?

According to Express UK, the note was handed over to former Metropolitan Police commissioner John Stevens’ predecessor and put in a safe. Stevens, who led the investigation said, “I was only made aware of that when I was made commissioner myself… and I had been made aware that Lord Mishcon had said he hadn’t actually attached much importance to it.

“However, when the coroner announced his inquest, I made sure that letter was immediately given to the royal coroner, who at that time was Michael Burgess and then subsequently became Lord Justice Scott Baker.”

He said that he had interviewed Diana’s lawyer on “three occasions and took further statements on that letter” adding that it caused him “great concern.” Be sure to catch the documentary and decide for yourself. Return here often for more Royal Family news and updates.

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