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Royal Family News: ‘Poor Judgement’ by Prince Charles Leads to More Royal Drama


Royal Family News: ‘Poor Judgement’ by Prince Charles Leads to More Royal DramaPrince Charles has been at the core of a great deal of Royal drama recently and now he is receiving criticism for receiving large cash donations from a Qatar billionaire which, a Royal author says, was caused by his own “poor judgement.”

Yahoo! News writer, and author of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s biography Finding Freedom, Omid Scobie recently recounted several of Charles’ recent achievements, according to Newsweek. The Royal expert also shared some of the prince’s mistakes. Continue reading and we’ll break it down.

Royal Family News: Has Charles ‘Well and Truly Blown It?’

“In a year that saw other royals disastrously bulldoze their way past opportunities to prove their ability to modernise and take accountability for past actions, it has only been Prince Charles who has successfully demonstrated the art of diplomacy and compassion to less able family members,” Scobie opined, praising the Prince of Wales.

However, this is where the praise ended as he turned his attention to the prince’s failures, suggesting that Charles appears to have “well and truly blown it” regarding his financial dealings with Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani from whom he reportedly received $3.2 million for The Prince of Wales Charitable Fund.

Royal Family News: Charles’ Inability to Read the Room Shows ‘Poor Judgement’

According to the Sunday Times, Charles was given $1.06 million stuffed in a suitcase in 2015, and on other occasions had received bags of cash from the royal warrant holding grocers Fortnum and Mason. It is worth noting that it isn’t illegal for a charity to receive cash donations and so, the hear apparent has not broken any laws.

What does seem to be at issue is the prince’s apparent inability to recognize how this could raise concerns with the public. According to Scobie, it shows “poor judgement.”

Royal Family News: Though Legal, Receiving Suitcase of Cash Showed a Lack of Awareness

“The recent news that the prince accepted €3 million ($3,144,720) from Qatar’s former Prime Minister and billionaire Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani shows incredibly poor judgment given Qatar’s record on human rights,” wrote Scobie.

He continued, adding that though the move by Charles was technically legal, “the incidents demonstrate a total lack of awareness of the way in which such deals were done. How can a senior royal believe accepting a suitcase of cash is a sensible way to fund a charity?” Be sure and stay up to date on all Royal Family News and return here often for more news and updates.

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