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Royal Family News: Prince Andrew Plans to Fight Back for Return to Public Life, Expert Claims


Royal Family News: Prince Andrew Plans to Fight Back for Return to Public Life, Expert Claims

Royal Family news reveals that in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Prince Andrew cranked up the heat on his brother to return him to his prior glory. Read on and we’ll give you the low down.

Royal Family News: Prince Andrew Isn’t Done Fighting

Royal Family news reveals that, according to Best Life, after Queen Elizabeth’s death in September 2022 and her son the then-Prince of Wales took the reins, many worried about what changes the new King would make. With Charles’ kingship comes the power to change customs, rules, and even decisions put forth by the monarch’s predecessor.

Reports say the Duke of York wasted little time before going after his brother to let him back into the good graces of the Royal Family allowing him to return to his privileged life as a working senior royal. The Mirror reports that King Charles had been warned of his brother’s plans and, though he shut Andrew down quickly, a new report claims Andrew isn’t finished with his fight and is planning a “fightback.”

New Development Inspires Prince Andrew’s Fightback

An insider claims that the duke is planning to continue his fight to get back into the Royal Family. The Mirror reports that a new development is inspiring the sustained fight. According to Washington Post, Andrew’s accuser, Virginia Guiffre dropped her case against American attorney Alan Dershowitz because she “may have made a mistake” with her sexual assault allegations.

This new development appears to have added fuel to the prince’s fight to return to royal life as the source tells Daily Mail, “Everything has changed, and Andrew is determined to fight.”

Prince Andrew: Not Yet a Pariah for Royal Family

Photos captured recently prove that, while the duke isn’t a working royal any longer, he still seems to be in their good graces. Prince Andrew spent time this week with his sister, Princess Anne, his brother Prince Edward, as well as other members of the Royal Family.

It’s worth noting though that Andrew, as a non-working royal, is still prohibited from attending any official Royal events.

Royal Family News: Prince Andrew Plans to Fight Back for Return to Public Life, Expert Claims

King Charles III Has No Plans for Prince Andrew

The Mail on Sunday reported that shortly before the death of his mother, Andrew met with then-Prince Charles who explained to him that there was no way back to Royal life for him, reportedly leaving him “bereft,” according to a friend.

“There is a feeling Andrew wants to forge ahead with a new life but the only person who can agree to that is the monarch. It means these conversations will have to start all over again now that we have a new King.”

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