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Royal Family News: Prince Charles Misses Inspirational Role Model [VIDEO]


Royal Family News: Prince Charles Misses Inspirational Role Model [VIDEO]Royal Family news reveals that a video of Prince Charles at a recent public event in which he says he misses one of his closest royal role models has gone viral. Read on and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Royal Family News: Sandringham Flower Show Brings on Memories

Royal Family news reveals that the video has garnered more than 300K views, on the video-sharing platform TikTok, since being uploaded by user royalfamilychannel. It was apparently recorded at the annual Sandringham Flower Show at Queen Elizabeth II’s Norfolk estate in July, per Newsweek.

Addressing a group of onlookers, the Prince of Wales is spotted remarking on the event, “I can’t remember how many years I’ve been coming, but I used to come with my grandmother every year.” Paying tribute to his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, he said, “I do miss her, I must say,” adding, “But she’d be so pleased it keeps going.”

Charles’ Closest Advisor

The Heir Apparent was known to be close you the Queen Mother. A prominent member of the Royal family, she was crowned in 1937 alongside her husband King George IV after his brother King Edward VIII abdicated his throne to wed Wallis Simpson.

Charles’ grandmother was reportedly consulted by Prince Charles throughout his adult life on various important decisions including both marriage to Princess Diana, and the divorce that followed. The Queen Mother lived to be 101 years old and passed on March 30, 2002, following the death of her youngest daughter Princess Margaret in the previous month.

Prince Charles Still Grieves

“I know what my darling grandmother meant to so many other people,” Charles said of his grandmother after her death. “She literally enriched their lives, and she was the original life enhancer, whether publicly or privately, whoever she was with.”

“For me, she meant everything, and I had dreaded, dreaded this moment along with, I know, countless others. Somehow, I never thought it would come,” he continued, concluding “She was quite simply the most magical grandmother you could possibly have, and I was utterly devoted to her.”

Royal Family News: Prince Charles Misses Inspirational Role Model [VIDEO]

Royal Fans Respond Warmly

Commenters on the Prince Charles video responded kindly to what was seen as Charles’ very public expression of grief for his late grandmother. One user wrote, “everyone misses their grandparents if they are not there anymore its human.” Another wrote, “Charles just seems so soft hearted…. Great dad and Grandfather. He will be so proud of the king William is going to become.”

Others extolled the future King to be sure to foster the same kind of relationship with his own grandchildren, writing, “why do people seem to forget he’s human & I’m not even a fan of him. Make these memories with your grands as well P Charles.” Be sure and hug your grandma while you can and return here often for more Royal Family news and updates.

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