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Royal Family News: Prince Charles Takes One of the Queen’s Key Role


Royal Family News: Prince Charles Takes One of the Queen's Key RoleFrom the age of 25, the weight of the crown has rested on Queen Elizabeth’s head, and for many years to come, she’s been diligent and hard-working, carrying out her royal duties with a smile on her face.

But the frailties of old age have been keeping the monarch from being as active as she once was and she’s rarely attended any in-person events since she was hospitalized late last year. Heeding the advice of her medical team, the 96-year-old “regretfully” withdrew from Tuesday’s State Opening of the Parliament, instead passing the torch to her heir Prince Charles and his son William.

This marked the first time the 73-year-old Duke of Cornwall represented his mother in a major constitutional event.

Prince Charles Mimicked the Queen’s Emotionless Tone When He Read Her Speech

Amid ongoing age-related mobility issues, the Queen couldn’t make it to the opening of Parliament. But she was represented by Prince Charles and William, whom she gave permission to do so through the Letters Patent.

It was the first time that the Queen has missed the event in 59 years, and it was the first time that Charles has represented Her Majesty at the constitutional event.

Charles, who had accompanied his mother to the opening of Parliament in recent years, read the government’s legislative agendas at the Palace of Westminster.

Charles read out the agenda in an admiral’s uniform from a throne that is beside the Queen’s crown.

While the Queen would begin her speech with “My Government will,” Prince Charles said “Her majesty’s government will…”.
Charles read the document in a formal and neutral tone, just like his mother has done for years to avoid any sense of approval or disapproval of the policies.

Royal Family News: Prince Charles Takes One of the Queen's Key Role

The Royal Traditions Associated with the State Opening of Parliament

The State Opening of Parliament is a huge display event which traditionally sees the Queen travelling to the assembly in a State Coach, escorted by mounted soldiers in ceremonial uniform, while the Imperial State Crown and other regalia travel ahead in a carriage of their own.

The ceremony, which can either take place in Spring or after a national election, represents the centuries-old separation of power between the Crown, the elected House of Commons, the House of Lords and the Judiciary.

The Queen has only missed the event twice in her 70-year reign – in 1959 and 1963, when she was pregnant with sons Andrew and Edward.

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