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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Accused of ‘Calculated Digs’ at Royal Family


Royal Family News: Prince Harry Accused of ‘Calculated Digs’ at Royal FamilyRoyal Family news reveals a royal expert recently blasted Prince Harry for “calculated digs” at members of the royal family.

Daily Mail editor Richard Eden recently made the accusation against the Duke of Sussex in an interview with MailPlus’ Palace Confidential, per Heromag. Continue reading and we’ll get into the details.

Royal Family News: Today Interview Sparks More Controversy for Prince

Prince Harry sparked more controversy this week after an interview with NBC’s “Today” program. While at the Invictus Games Harry sat down with “Today” host Hoda Kotb to discuss his meeting with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. However, the duke dodged questions about his brother William and father Charles.

Richard Eden stated that the “Today” interview was supposed to be about the Invictus Games “but, oh no, it’s all about Harry.” He said that, to him, it seemed very “calculating.” Referring to the duke’s marriage to actress Meghan Markle, Eden says, “Harry’s now married to an actress, and I get the impression that he’s given guidance, tips, he’s prepared for this type of interview.”

Royal Family News: Interview ‘Meant to be About the Invictus Games’

“It was meant to be about the Invictus Games, which is a really worthy project and there are some fascinating stories there,” Eden went on, adding, “But, oh no, it’s all about Harry. Everything he said, the calculated digs at his family. It was a real hark back to the Oprah interview.”

Eden then said that the entire interview seemed “calculated and planned for” but fellow guest, royal historian Tessa Dunlop begged to differ with Eden’s evaluation.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Accused of ‘Calculated Digs’ at Royal Family

Royal Family News: Harry and Meghan Have ‘Really Nice’ Teatime with Queen Elizabeth

In the interview the Duke of Sussex discussed his visit with his grandmother the Queen, saying, “It was great.” He went on to explain that it had been “really nice to see her in some element of privacy” adding that she has been in “great form.”

“She’s always got a great sense of humor with me and I’m just making sure she’s protected and got the right people around her,” the prince said, adding that he and his wife had enjoyed tea with the Queen.” He noted that he had a “very special” relationship with his grandmother and that the two talked of things she couldn’t talk about with anyone else.

Despite being slammed for “calculated digs” it seems the prince still has an in with the Queen. Be sure to stay up to date on your Royal Family News and return here often for more spoilers and updates.

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