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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Admits to Trouble With Meghan Markle


Royal Family News: Prince Harry Admits to Trouble With Meghan MarkleBritish royal family news shows that Prince Harry is human like the rest of us, and he has admitted that he and his wife Meghan Markle have gone through difficult times. The admission came when he talked to Oprah Winfrey about his life and times.

Royal Family News: Harry and Meghan Argue?

In March 2021 Meghan and Harry talked to Oprah Winfrey in an infamous interview that took place while his grandfather was on his death bed. They trashed his family and it was a spectacle, in bad taste and a heinous way to treat the family that nurtured him from birth.

But Harry went and repeated himself, talking again to Oprah and trashing his fam. Some people never learn. In their May 2021 Apple TV+ docuseries, The Me You Can’t See, Harry the Duke of Sussex talked about his favorite topic, himself.

Royal Family News: Harry Has A Good Opinion of Himself

He said, “I saw GPs. I saw doctors. I saw therapists. I saw alternative therapists. I saw all sorts of people, but it was meeting and being with my wife Meghan,” that apparently turned the tide. Before that, as Katie Couric noted in her book, he was a walking, talking human who reeked of booze and cigarettes (her words).

Harry added, “I knew that if I didn’t do the therapy and fix myself that I was going to lose this woman who I could see spending the rest of my life with.”

These comments were revisited after Harry talked about himself again on Thursday. It was in his role as CHIMPO of a Silicon Valley startup that presumably is paying him to bare his soul.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Admits to Trouble With Meghan Markle

Royal Family News: Harry Opened Up About Himself

But is BetterUp also paying him to lecture employers about how to treat their employees? Harry is not an HR expert but he claimed to know how bosses should run their businesses. Not everyone was amused, especially those who are working hard while Hollywood Harry sits in his mansion and snubs his nose at earning his pay from Netflix and Spotify. Last week those employers took out ads for workers to perform actual labor on the projects Harry and Meghan signed up for but never delivered. Do better Harry.

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