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Royal Family News: Prince Harry and Meghan Need to Be At Platinum Jubilee For “Their Brand”


Royal Family News: Prince Harry and Meghan Need to Be At Platinum Jubilee For “Their Brand”British royal family news shows that the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration occurs next year. The occasion is the monarch’s seventh decade on the throne and questions are swirling as to whether Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be present to help the royals celebrate. For one thing they removed themselves from the monarchy in a distasteful and disruptive move dubbed Megxit, so would they even want to be there?

Since leaving they have made no bones about how victimized they were by living in the palace rent free, all luxuries paid for by the taxpayer, having personal aides to do their bidding, and so on. Cry me a river.

Royal Family News: Will The Markle’s Return

One royal expert told that it would be surprising if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stay home and do not attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next year. Why would they want to be in a locale where their popularity has plummeted and public opinion of them is at an all-time low?

According to the expert the only claim to fame they have comes via their royal-ness, no matter how slim the margin is. Which is why they insist on being called the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wherever they go?

Royal Family News: The Markle’s Are Trading Off Others’ Fame

Ian Lloyd states that the thirty pair’s association with Queen Elizabeth and Harry’s relationship to the late Princess Diana is the “only reason” they are newsworthy. Ouch, but the truth hurts.

Lloyd has worked for decades as a royal photographer and biographer and he said: “I would be surprised if they didn’t appear next year for the Jubilee, and that’s because their brand relies on the fact that they are associated with the Royal Family.”

“As much as they appear to fight against it and go off in their own direction to do things, the only reason that they are getting the fame they have at the moment is because Harry is the grandson of Elizabeth II and his mother was Princess of Wales, Diana, who everybody in America adored.”

Royal Family News: Prince Harry and Meghan Need to Be At Platinum Jubilee For “Their Brand”

Royal Family News: The Markle’s Are A Brand

Is he wrong? Many royal fans would agree wholeheartedly that the moppets have done nothing to earn any level of fame. They have produced zero for Netflix and Spotify after landing obscene contracts and one has to think their bosses are fuming as they watch the Markle’s play polo and model designer dresses all day long versus completing the terms of their work contracts.

Ian contends, “The association with the Royal Family is vital so I think they would probably want to come to be associated with them, just to keep their brand alive.” Because without anything of substance to their name, a hollow brand is all they stand for.

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  1. Sherry says

    I sure hope they do not attend any event in regards to the royal family after the crap they pulled and how they lied again and again……who needs liars in their lives? Let them play the game of being royal in Hollywood for that is where Meghan wants to be seen and heard.

  2. Jill Lord says

    I would be happy for Harry to come as he is the Queen’s grandson,but not that horrible wife of his.She means nothing to me nor,I imagine to the rest of the British public

  3. Gloria Isabel Hernandez says


  4. Gloria Isabel Hernandez says

    Hogwash… those two human beings alone. The media is to blame, just as what happened to Princess Diana.

    1. Irene Millius says

      I would love to see Harry make up with the Queen and family, but he should leave his wife behind. She is not welcomed by the family for all her antics. She is nothing but poison. Harry has always been floundering and there is nothing special about her that would cure Harry, other than all the Royal family background she has been following for years (despite her denials of this). We all know PRINCESS PINOCCHIO never tells the truth,

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