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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Clinging to Title Like a “Toddler” Why So Desperate?


Royal Family News: Prince Harry Clinging to Title Like a “Toddler” Why So Desperate?

British royal family news shows that the knives are coming for the man formerly known as Prince, Harry. The monarchy now has a due date for his bombshell memoir Spare, and one can imagine the days on the calendar gingerly being crossed off as its January drop date approaches.

Who is now referring to the foul mouthed former military man as a toddler (not even a man child!)? Let’s take a deep dive into what one royal expert is saying about Harry as he is staying unusually quiet in the lead up to his sure to be trashy tome (if experience tells us anything).

Royal Family News: Angela Epstein Calls Harry a Rapscallion

Royal watcher Angela Epstein just branded the polo playah, “a toddler without any sense of parental control,” according to GeoTV.

She wrote in Express UK that the man pushing 40 is acting like nothing more than a red faced toddler screaming for his own way 24/7. She wrote, “As many a frazzled parent can testify, sometimes the only way to deal with petulant toddlers, door-slamming adolescents or sulky teenagers is to take away something they value. Be it a favorite toy, money to top up their mobile or – the ace in the pack – freedom to stay out late.”

Is she wrong? No. And you don’t have to have kids to know that threatening to take away a prize perk works for pretty much anyone, no matter the age, stage or rage.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Is All The Rage

Of course as she notes, “Prince Harry, is of course, a little old to be subjected to a curfew by his despairing father. Anyway, given the price exacted from Netflix for his pound of royal flesh, I doubt the Duke of Sussex needs dad’s help paying for his iPhone. So, what’s left in terms of leverage for his increasingly weary papa?”

“The answer has to be the one thing Harry and Meghan cling onto, despite stepping away from their roles as working royals. Their titles.”

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Clinging to Title Like a “Toddler” Why So Desperate?

Royal Family News: Harry and Meghan Are Title Desperate

Those are the shiny titles Duke and Duchess of Excess, erm, Sussex. They were gifted upon their marital union and have been allowed to keep them despite trashing the monarchy left and right.

The Markles have dragged his kin in ugly ways since their 2020 defection. Which begs the question, why are they desperately clinging to the monikers? As Epstein notes, “However much they spout indignation at the injustice of life within The Firm, neither has shown any sign of wanting to scrub Duke and Duchess from the headed notepaper.”

Curiouser and curiouser. Now it’s your turn royal fans, tell us why you think this Z-list pair refuse to stop calling themselves Duke and Duchess?

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  1. Lea, S says

    Harry is used in to having a title but Markle isn’t. She knows that she is nothing without it. She wanted global fame and to never have to worry about money again. Got both. I just hope Harry realizes this and takes his children and runs!!

  2. Lynne says

    King Charles should of yanked the title from Harry & Megan when he became King. Until you stand up to them ,they will continue to embarrass you,

  3. Z says

    children feel entitlement and these two are the worse Having a title comes with responsibilities when they left everything should have been taken away from them ..the title belongs to the crown not the people so YES LONG OVERDUE TAKE TITLE AWAY

  4. Kathleen Duke says

    I agree with Lynne above. I find it hard to believe spoiled Harry has harbored this hate for so many years. All you have to do is take a look at his wife, who has alienated everyone in her family except her mother. She is in love with herself and money, and must have her PR firm working for her 24-7. She needs constant attention and adulation. She has a hateful attitude and personal vindictiveness within her while thinking she is far, far superior to everyone else in the human race. She is resentful to the Royal family who welcomed her with open arms, but because she didn’t always get her way over Royal protocol, she is hateful towards them, is trying to get back at them, and probably browbeat Harry every day about how awful they were to them both. Harry is no prize, is easily, totally manipulated and controlled by her. Harry wasn’t like this before her. It’s too bad this toddler of a boy has turned into someone like her…both thinking the Royals should bow down to them. And yes, they will continue to go after the Royals 24-7, and King Charles should definitely remove their titles. They don’t deserve them.

  5. Karen P Beach says

    Here we go AGAIN, with the pi$$ing contest between Harry and his father. Now Chuck’s going to take away titles in anticipation of Harry’s memoir, “Spare.” My question is, “What information are they trying to keep in the closet?” Explain in complete sentences, please.
    Charles has never been a positive role model for his sons, didn’t spend much time with them and wouldn’t even lie and say he was in love with Diana. Now that William is under his father’s thumb, he can’t have a relationship with his brother. Every family’s dream. Harry was not given the title of prince as a gift that someone made or bought or deserved. He was BORN a prince. His military titles and service for 10 years was not serving the queen. His service was in Afghanistan.
    The queen had no rank to jerk his service away. She loved the game of give something, then take it away; or take it away and give something that was meaningless. She can’t take the Invictus Games for wounded soldiers away from him. He thought of it, he put it together, he runs it and it’s not on one square inch of dirt that belongs to the Firm, which is the most self-agrandizing name I’ve ever heard. I want to ask this, and I know what the answer is, but will ask nonetheless. Was Harry ever given a chance to talk about losing Diana? Did he receive counseling? Oh, I forgot, “Don’t complain, don’t explain.” Pip pip cheerio, my good man.

  6. noella stober says

    Maybe they should just take the title away from Meghan, forever That would put her into her place She may be the wife of a prince but with no title and disgraced by all, all of her own doing, that would have to let her blow up and then finally shut up After the dust settles and she be totally ignored all her bs would stop If Harry wants to go down the road she will choose after she is bumped out of her title, let it be The ring in his nose, that she pulls on, is getting tighter and tighter She wears the pants here and it is time she puts a dress back on and takes the backseat to her husband, his goals and his future. She has already destroyed her family relationships with her own and will only be happy if she takes Harry and his down that same road She wants to be in control but has not class to be so The Queen had class and other royals have class but Meghan has absolutely no class, and that isunfortunate for the world as royalty has a special glam to it

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